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Real Talk:
Six questions with Taylor Wells

Taylor Wells takes a shot
Spartan Taylor Wells go up for a shot against an Illinois Valley Central player in their home game in January.
(Photo: PhotoNews Media/Clark Brooks)

Last week, The Sentinel caught up with St. Joseph-Ogden sophomore Taylor Wells for a little one-on-one. No, not the kind on the hardwood where this reporter would be schooled like a kindergartner, but about student school, sports and life in the new, and hopefully temporary, Covid world. Observing social distancing guidelines, I asked six questions to the student-athlete via Twitter.

Sentinel: What was your reaction and those of your fellow students when you first learned that schools would be closed due to the COVID-19 virus?

Wells: I was sad that I would be missing out on playing softball, competing in my AAU travel basketball tournaments, and seeing my friends.

Sentinel: How is e-learning going? What really sucks about it?

Wells: It’s going okay. It’s not optimal. I would prefer to be in the classroom with my classmates.

Sentinel: What do you think teachers can do to make it better?

Wells: I think the teachers are doing the best they can for us. I’m sure it’s very stressful being thrown into a situation like this.

Sentinel: Besides shooting baskets at home, what else are you doing to pass the time?

Wells: I’ve walked a few trails at Homer Lake with my family and my dog, working out to stay in shape, and doing basketball drills.

Sentinel: When we are done sheltering in place, and hopefully soon, name three things you are going to do the first week.

Wells: I am definitely going to hangout with my friends, go to SJO softball practice, and go to Heart of Illinois basketball practice.

Sentinel: Looking into the future, what do you think will be the new normal as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Wells: I think people will wash their hands more often, and I think people will no longer take friends, family, and sports for granted.

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