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Taxation should never be the main driver behind an investment.

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Spotlight on SJO senior Lexi Ribbe

Lexi Ribbe

Clubs & Activities
Cheer (2 years), Dance (1 year), Maroon Platoon, Maroon Platoon Leader, Advisory Mentoring Program, Spanish Club

St. Joseph

Older brother

Traveling, walking, shopping, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends.

Favorite SJO memories:
She will definitely remember all of the home and away games she has gone to over the years, and being with her friends at these games was a great experience. She has also enjoyed being an office helper with Mrs. Hoveln and Mrs. Falls the past two years.

Favorite classes:
Geometry with Mr. Kiel Duval, Advanced Biology with Mrs. Stacey Kietzman, P.E. with Mr. William Billman, and Economics and Civics with Mr. Marshall Schacht.

Favorite teachers:
Mrs. Pridemore at St. Joseph Grade School; Mrs. Hilton at St. Joseph Middle School; and Mr. Duval, Mrs. Lianne Rash, and Mrs. Kietzman at St. Joseph-Ogden High School.

University of Oklahoma, majoring in radiology

Advice to future SJO students:
Enjoy high school, do your best, and get involved.

Text provided by St. Joseph-Ogden High School.

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