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Under the spotlight with SJO seniors Tom Nichols, Jaiden Freeman & Payton Clements

Tom Nichols

Clubs & Activities
Cross Country, Chorus, Maroon Platoon

St. Joseph

Two older brothers and a younger sister

Bike riding, bird watching, and playing video games

Favorite SJO memories:
His greatest memories at SJO revolve around cross country. He enjoyed being a part of the team and the overnight trips for some of the invitationals.

Favorite class:

Favorite teachers:
Mrs. Pinne at CBCA Middle School, Mr. Steele at St. Joseph Middle School, and Mr. Kiel Duval at SJO.

Career Plans:
Enlisting in the United States Navy

Advice to future SJO students:
Cherish your teenage years and high school memories.

Jaiden Freeman

Clubs & Activities
Drama Club, Art Club

St. Joseph

Two younger brothers and one younger sister

Reading, drawing, listening to music, and playing video games.

Favorite SJO memories:
She enjoyed participating in the drama production as a freshman, and she will remember all of the fun moments in Art Club over the years

Favorite classes:
Art, math, Earth and Life Science, and Biology

Favorite teachers:
Mr. Dunker and Mrs. Becky Ford at St. Joseph Middle School and Mr. Don Beckett and Ms. Susan Pensinger at SJO.

College Plans:
Parkland College and then transfer to a four-year university, majoring in Architecture.

Advice to future SJO students:
Please trust me on this: do not procrastinate.

Payton Clements

Clubs & Activities
Bass Fishing (4 years)
Football (3 years)


Fishing and working on cars

Favorite SJO memories:
His greatest memories center around being a part of the SJO football team and the SJO bass fishing team. He also really enjoyed Homecoming his senior year.

Favorite classes:
While thankful for all the teachers he had, he enjoyed all of his Agriculture Classes.

Favorite teachers:
Mrs. Maxwell and Mrs. Howard at PVO and Mr. Robert Glazier, Mrs. Stacey Kietzman, Mr. William Billman, and Mrs. Duitsman at SJO.

Eastern Illinois University, majoring Environmental Science

Military training:
Enlisting in the Army National Guard and begin basic training at Fort Jackson on June 1.

Advice to future SJO students:
Be open about going to social events like Homecoming and et cetera.

Text & photos provided by St. Joseph-Ogden High School.

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