Governor's decision may jeopardize public safety according to Darren Bailey

SJO youth wrestling looking to build permanent home.

John F. Kennedy was 43 years old when he was elected president.

Olauson, Kaiser and nearly a hundred area students on Dean's List

Ninety-three area students earned a spot on the Spring 2020 Dean's List at Parkland College.

Students must earn a minimum grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.0 grade scale to earn Dean's List recognition at Parkland College. Those who take fewer than 12 credit hours during the semester can make the Dean's List by achieving a 3.5 cumulative GPA for 12 or more hours in the academic year. Dean’s List eligible courses are 100-level courses or higher, i.e. ENG 101. Note: Students are listed by hometown, in Illinois localities unless otherwise noted.

Ryan M Stoerger

John M Acklin, Taylor J Barnes, Zach T David, Adam D Frerichs, Brandi L Huson, Caleb L Johnson, Lindsey K Osterbur, Michael T Sage, Katelyn M Smith and Kenly R Taylor.

Alexis N Moraski, Kaitlyn P Owen and Emily T Polonus.

Nathan A Baker, Jack Kelman Brown, Rylie E Brown, Marlena Rayann Finical, Kaitlyn Dolores Fink, Kia J Freese, Christian M Hasler, Sydney M Huston, Allyson K James, Sophia A Kaisner, Peter R Manrique, Tori Catherine Patton, Abbegale Leigh Rix, Hannah Renee Swalls and Nolan C Walsh.

Peyton G Crowe

Kayla C McEvoy and Katharine C Wells.

Jenna Leigh Albrecht, Austin C Anderson, Bryant W Anderson, Emily Ann Bigger, Kaylee Marie Blackburn, Melanie L Broch, Payton Michael Cain,Jennifer L Chatterton, Austin R Chilton, Elena K Cotter, Emory L Ericksen, Justyn R Fruhling, Payton Joseph Grimsley, Bryce M Haake, Erin E Henkelman, Chance Brian Izard, Cody M Johnston, Danielle Summer Kelso, Nathan Thomas Maier, Alexis G Manning, Caroline E Moore, Brendan Z Olauson, Alyssa R Omana, Grant E Siegmund, Stephanie Trame, Sarah E Wiseman and Nicole L Woller.

Britney F Christman, Emma L Messman, Kaitlyn R Pruetting, Bailee M Shappard, Enoch D Wells and Rachel M Wells.

Anna J Anderson, Alexis A Benskin, Breydon N Brennan, Dane M Crossin, Brandon G Downen, Destyne R Duncan, Emily C Eastin, Lauren N Frost, Kaitlynn M Gray, Megan L Henry, Katelyn E Kaiser, Cassidy L Kamradt, Joseph H Lamendola, Hallie E Lutz, Kaylee M Millsap, Destani A Newberry, Jalyn Mae Powell, Rayanna M Price, Caroline Michelle Rink, Anna Elizabeth Sanders, Briley L Smith, Jillian R Stadel, Alexander M Stahl, Chayton L Townsend, Carrie J Turner, Emilee M Walters, Mikayla M Wetherell, Caden Matthew Wingler and Alissa Kaylynn Young.

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