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The FDA will meet to decide if Pfizer should be issued a EUA for their new vaccine.

"I almost always have my camera around my neck..."

Survey says, We're doing Zoomgiving

Last Tuesday, the number of people testing positive for COVID-19 rose to an all-time of 142 cases in the six villages.

With that in mind, we asked the obvious question in our very first online poll: "Considering the rising number of Coronavirus cases, do you plan to attend or host a large family gathering with ten or more people this Thanksgiving?"

The results are in. Out the possible 11,108 residents (that number based on the 2018 census) in the six communities this news site covers, we had a whopping 16 responses. The overwhelming insignifant response from 63% of the participants choose, "No freakin' way, Jay. We're doing Zoomgiving!!!"

Whatever your Thanksgiving holiday plans may be, The Sentinel sincerely wishes a safe and happy celebration. If you haven't seen it, The Illinois Department of Public Health has published a comprehensive and informative PDF with tips to make your holiday stress free and to keep family and guests healthy as head into the Christmas season.

Remember to protect the ones you love by limiting physical contact, social distance as much as possible, wear your mask - two is better than one - and washing your hands frequently to prevent the spread of the virus to our friends and neighbors.

New classes starting Tuesday, December 1. Details coming soon!

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