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Now might be the time to talk about inheriting wealth

As a significant portion of the U.S. population ages, a significant transfer of wealth to younger generations is occurring. However, many families have not discussed inheritance plans, and many younger generations may find themselves unprepared, ...

For non-traditional families routines are key to successful parenting

Helping children feel comfortable in their home will lead to healthier and more successful times during those formative years. But it’s ...

5 reasons to move your family to Illinois

If you are planning to relocate to Illinois with your family, you will not be making a mistake. If you're curious about what makes the Prairie State perfect for settling down, keep reading and learn all about the benefits of moving there. You will discover five reasons why you should plan to move your family to Illinois.

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New bill proposed to eliminate Native American imagery and names in Illinois schools K-12

URBANA - Redskins, Indians, and Raiders might become school nicknames of the past. State Representative Maurice West (D-Rockford) submitted House Bill 5617 in February, which requires elementary and secondary schools to alter mascots, logos, or names with Native American tribes or feature Native American culture. The bill also requires Native American history taught in all Illinois elementary and high schools. Area schools like Judah Christian, University-High, Tuscola, and Mt. Zion, would need to adopt a new logo, buy new uniforms, and retire the sale of banned gear. Schools will also be required to remove Native American imagery and logos during the next renovation or update of athletics facilities, according to the bill. Some of the other Illinois high schools that would be affected include: Pittsfield (Saukees), Lake Forest (Scouts), Thornwood (Thunderbirds), Stockton (Blackhawks), West Aurora (Blackhawks), Bremen (Braves), Annawan (Braves), Deer Creek Mackinaw (Chief

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Southwest Salmon Patties

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Make your next family meal quick and tasty with a recipe that calls for common ingredients and simple preparation. These Southwest Salmon Patties are ideal for putting on the table on those busy weeknights, bringing the family together despite hectic ...


Jan. 6 was an example of networked incitement

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The shocking events of Jan. 6, 2021, signaled a major break from the nonviolent rallies that categorized most major protests over the past few decades.

What set Jan. 6 apart was the president of ...


Keep an eye on amount of caffeine you consume, too much can be fatal

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A new lawsuit claims a caffeinated drink at Panera contributed to a man's death.