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John F. Kennedy was 43 years old when he was elected president.

Graduation Signature Announcements

Do you have a loved one, a friend or classmate graduating from St. Joseph-Ogden High School this year? Tell everyone how proud you are of their accomplishment with a personalized Sentinel Graduation Signature Announcement!

Honor your graduate today and celebrate your joy with over 4,000 Sentinel readers while we continue to publish our series of Spartan Spotlights featuring stories on dozens of seniors from St. Joseph-Ogden High School over the coming weeks ahead.

Your Signature Announcement honoring your senior will appear on every page on The Sentinel website as well as proudly published to our Facebook page for you to share. All 2020 signature ads are sent to you to share on other social media accounts with family and friends, too.

As an added bonus, each Signature Announcement is linked to stories and photos of your senior that have published in The Sentinel.

Under normal circumstances Signature Ads are online for a two week period. While in no way will it take the place of missing prom, taking part in the spring play or the cancellation of sports and activities at SJO, The Sentinel will leave all Signature Announcements online until 15 or after St. Joseph-Ogden High School's 2020 graduation (whichever is later).

Order yours now at the bottom of this page and share this happy occasion and milestone with hundreds of Sentinel readers every day into early summer.

Graduation Signature Announcements with four lines of text like examples above start for little as $15.00. Each additional line is $2.00. Add a photo for just $5.00 more. Limited choice of graphics are available. Larger ad sizes are available. Ask for details.

Place your order today here:

Ad Options

Enter salutation and student's name

For example: "Congratulation! Anna Marie Schols" or "We are proud of you, Sammuel"

Enter message and signature

For example: "We love you! Mom, Dad (& siblings)" or "Go get 'em, Snookum! Love Grandma and Grandpa Smith"

Once your order is placed you will see a confirmation email. A proof of your ad will be sent for your approval. If you ordered a photo to be used within your ad, please email it us at

Questions? Email us at or call (217) 778-2197.

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