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Graduating from college in 2020? Let us know

From the very start The Sentinel has publish the names of graduates from our area who have earned degrees from colleges and universities around the state.

Graduates whose names were omitted from our list such as in this linked story - please know it was not intentional - was due to the lack information supplied by their college public relations department.

University communications and public affair offices typically provide or make available lists of fall and spring graduates by zip code. Quite often students living off-campus supply their school address in the city they live while attending school as their contact address instead of their hometown address.

This also happens when The Sentinel and other news organizations publish semester or quarterly Dean's List and Honor Roll accolades.

Are you graduating from a two or four-year institution this May? Is your son, daughter or grandchild earning a college degree, a masters or their doctorate?

The Sentinel would be more than happy to share your graduate's academic accomplishment, so by golly don't be shy and let us know about it. We here to help celebrate the milestone with friends and neighbors in our community. Your news may help inspire a student in high school or junior high to reach for the stars.

Submit the information below with as much information as possible. Then email them to us at


• Student’s full name and a contact email address
• A brief description of the graduate including future plans, special achievements, activities, employer etc.
• Name of college or university graduating from
• Major
• Degree earned (for college graduates)
• Year graduating from SJO (if applicable)

Please include your name and telephone number or name and email/phone number for parent or guardian if we need to verify the submitted information at the bottom of the email.

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