Photo of the Day - February 6, 2021

Unity Rockets' Ben Gavel celebrates his third-place finish at state

After his first loss, Gavel drops the hammer at state

Unity's Ben Gavel celebrates his victory after defeating Winnebago's Carlos Sanchez in the 126-pound third-place medal at the IHSA Individual Wrestling State Finals last February. Gavel, a junior, entered the 2020 state finals with a 50-4 record. After losing his first round match to Ridgeview's Coby Windle, 8-4, he then plowed his way through the consolation bracket rolling off five consecutive pins to take home the bronze medal.

(Photo: PhotoNews Media/Clark Brooks)
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Photo of the day - February 5, 2021

St. Joseph-Ogden senior Rachel Ballard runs to a second place finish

Running on air

Pulling ahead of CICS/Longwood's Briyanna Desrosiers and Sesser-Valier's Chelsea Miller, St. Joseph-Ogden senior Rachel Ballard appears to have the ability to run through the air on her way to a second place finish in her heat of the Class 1A 100-meter dash at the IHSA State Track & Field Finals on May 17, 2012. Ballard qualified for Saturday's finals with a time of 12.62 and finished that race in fourth place with a time of 12.26.

(Photo: PhotoNews Media/Clark Brooks)

SJO girls set to open tonight, boys squad is equally excited

Home from school, Taylor Wells sat refreshing her Twitter feed non-stop. She was overcome with excitement and exuberance learning that Governor Pritzker would allow high schools around the state to play basketball. She read tweet after tweet with the news.

St. Joseph-Ogden Evan Ingram takes a shot in the Spartans' home game against Williamsville last January. The SJO boys open their season on February 12. Photo: PhotoNews/Clark Brooks
"I was over the moon and couldn’t have been happier," the St. Joseph-Ogden junior said. Wells and the Spartans' varsity girls team open their season tonight at home against Villa Grove. "I know my teammates are all just as excited as I am. We have all been waiting for answers on whether or not our season would happen since November."

While there won't be many fans, a Maroon Platoon to cheer them on or a postseason tournament, she is happy to be playing with her teammates.

"This school year has been full of ups and downs, from having hope in being able to play in November to being told to wait for answers to come," Wells said. "I’m grateful that we are finally being given the chance to play, even if it’s a shortened season.

Basketball is a huge part of my life and so I’m excited to get back on the court."

High school hoops is not only a huge part of Ty Pence's life, but intricate part of his future. Just a sophomore, Pence already has an offer from Western Illinois University and he is likely to have more as his stock rises with the more opportunities he has to showcase his skills in actual competition. He echoed Wells' sense of relief, excitement and the importance of the game in his life.

"We are all excited. This is what we have been praying and working for since October. We are all happy to have this (opportunity)," he said. "It is very important to us. Even though we aren’t able to have a post season, we are still going to work hard because we have had hope to play for a very long time."

Last week Pence said he could not wait to start working out and practicing with his teammates again.

"I want to develop as a player as much as I am able to," he said with earnest. "Whether that is being a better leader or working on my game as a whole."

Though the pair won't graduate this coming May, both Pence and Wells underscored the importance of the season, although not very long, to St. Joseph-Ogden seniors.

I’m glad that our seniors will have a chance to have their season and hopefully we can be the best we can be," Pence said about a season already shortened by a couple of games after Cissna Park had to cancel tomorrow night's trip to The Joe due to Covid quarantine protocols.

Next Tuesday night's home game against St. Thomas More was also postponed for the same reason possible cutting the season from 11 to nine games. No word if the games will be rescheduled at this time.

Wells pointed out the season is significant for players who won't be able to suit up as Spartans after May.

"This season is very important for our seniors. This will be the last time they get to play basketball as Spartans," she explained. "Some of my teammates, along with myself, are looking to be recruited to play at the next level. This is our opportunity for colleges to come out and be able to watch us play."

Tonight's game as well as all Spartan home basketball games will be available via live stream on NFHS at a subscription cost of $10.99 per month. Fans can save almost half of a year's monthly fee by purchasing an annual subscription at $69.99.

Photo of the Day - February 4, 2021

Unity battles to win over Spartans

Micah Freeman dribbles the ball down the field during Unity's road game at St. Joseph-Ogden on September 26, 2017, during first half action. After two scoreless halves, the Rockets prevailed with a 3-2 victory in a tense shoot-out to end the contest. Freeman scored one of three goals to secure the win for Unity.

(Photo: PhotoNews Media/Clark Brooks)

Photo of the Day - February 3, 2021

SJO's Gabe Lyons runs at the OVC meet in May

Lyons has a banner day, set new PR

St. Joseph-Ogden middle distance runner Gabe Lyons runs his leg of the 4x800-meter relay at the 2016 Okaw Valley Conference track & field meet. Lyons along with Austin Earp, Ross Smetzer and Justin Phillips won the event crossing the finish line at 8:36.8. The Spartans finished the meet in second place in the team standings on May 10. Later that day at the meet, Lyons set a new personal record in the 400-meter run at 52.25.

(Photo: PhotoNews Media/Clark Brooks)

College Notebook | Knudsen posts 29 point performance for Millikan

Knudsen making early impact at Millikan

Unity's all-time leading scorer Elyce Knudsen is at it again. Now a member of the Millikan women basketball program, the freshman baller has tallied 57 points in just three games for the Big Blue.

In the second game of her college career, Knudsen dropped a team-high 29 points against Wheaton College. Despite her extraordinary effort, Millikan fell by seven at King Arena in Wheaton, 90-83.

Two days later when the two team squared off again, the Unity alumna led her team to victory with a game-high 17 points in the Big Blue's 85-60 win at home last Saturday.

Knudsen is back in action again tomorrow at 7pm when her team faces Augustana College and again at 2pm on Saturday with the Vikings.

Former Spartans on hold

Lacey Kaiser, Rylee Stahl and Rylee Walsh, all former SJO volleyball players now suiting up for Heartland College, are in holding pattern. The Hawks first five matches have postponed. The trio could see action next on February 17 when the squad travels to Springfield for a two-match evening starting with Lincoln Land Community College at 4pm and a nightcap facing Frontier Community College at 6pm.

Kaiser dominates at the net

Katie Kaiser was credited with six of the ten blocks tallied by No. 1 ranked Parkland College after their 3-0 win over Southwestern Illinois College at the Southwestern Illinois College Tri in Belleville last Friday. The nationally ranked Cobras rolled SWIC, 25-20, 25-15, 25-17, to pick up their third win of the season. The former Unity star also had 5 digs in the effort.

Trimble, Crowe duo score 30

Bree Trimble scored 17 points and Peyton Crowe 13 in the Parkland College basketball team's 78-68 win over Olney Community College last Saturday. Thanks to the two starters, the Cobras continue their four-game undefeated streak.

The PC squad is back in action again tomorrow night in their first road contest of the season against Kankakee Community College.

Know a Unity or St. Joseph-Ogden graduate playing at the collegiate level? Let us know their name, sport(s) and where they are playing. An email or a link to their social media account for interviews is a big help, too. Send The Sentinel a message to us at

Photo of the Day - February 2, 2021

Graduation smiles

Graduation out of the way, Cassidy Williams [right] takes a quick photo with friend Lenny Bolton. The pair were members of St. Joseph-Ogden High School 106 seniors graduating in 2007. Williams, a member of the Spartans' first competitive cheerleading squad, will continue both her athletic and academic career at Parkland College in Champaign.

(Photo: PhotoNews Media/Clark Brooks)

A casual stroll by the mysterious deep web

Guest Commentary by Lakhijyoti Deka

The "dark web" - sounds like mysterious! Doesn't it?

Yes, I think your gut feeling says it is, but here I will make you aware how it works, what really happens on the dark web, and how you can check it out for yourself.

Computer network
Photo: Matthew Henry/Burst
As you know, the internet comprises of servers, computers, and other devices connected together form networks inside of larger networks. It is divided into two parts, namely the clear web or surface web and the deep web.

The surface web is that portion of the Internet most people are familiar with. The surface web pages are searchable in Google. While the deep web comprises the majority of the web, the surface web makes up a tiny portion of all the content on the web that accessible through a standard web browser.

The Deep Web is the full body of the iceberg and the surface web is just like the tip of the iceberg. And finally the dark web is a very small and hard-to-access section of the Deep Web.

The dark web is a piece of the internet that isn't indexed by conventional search engines. The dark web is decentralized network of websites make users as mysterious as possible by routing all their communications through multiple servers. It is used for keeping internet activity anonymous and personal, which may be helpful in both legal and illegal applications. Like, anyone can buy master card numbers; counterfeit money, online market place of various drugs, guns, stolen subscription credentials, hacked accounts, password and software that help anyone forced an entry into other people’s computers.

Dark web browser:

You may think that navigating the dark net is very easy. But it isn’t. To accessing the dark net it requires a browser known as Tor (“The Onion Routing” project) browser.

If you have a legitimate need to access the dark web, make sure that you stay safe using it.

Tor browser provides users access to reach the websites with the “.onion” registry operator. Browsers with the appropriate proxy can reach dark web sites, but others can’t. These web sites use a scrambled naming structure that creates URLs that are impossible to remember often.

This browser was originally developed by the United States Naval research laboratory. An early version of Tor was created to cover spy communications. Sooner or later, the framework was repurposed and has since been made public just like the other browser we all know today. Anyone can download it free of cost. Tor browser uses a random path of encrypted servers referred to as "nodes" which enables users to connect to the deep web without worrying of their actions being tracked.

Dark web versus deep web:

The dark web and the deep web are also often mistakenly used interchangeably. At first glance, the dark web and the deep web seem similar as both are difficult to get to through the web search and require either clicking a direct link to the page or to typing the address into the browser you want to access.

The deep web refers all the pages or content that you cannot find with a search engine. Deep web content requires sign-in credentials, such as online banking, medical records, pay sites, membership websites, and confidential corporate web pages etc. The dark web is one small portion of the deep web.

The deep web is so large that it is impossible to discover exactly how many pages or websites are active at one point of time. While comparing the deep web with dark web, deep web consisting of mostly harmless and digitized data and the dark web is better known for illegal and sometimes disturbing content. But, not all the dark web is used for illicit purposes. The websites in the Dark Web are categorized by their use of encryption software that makes their users and their locations unsigned. 

Enabling mechanisms of the dark web:

Apart from the tor there are two key elements that serve practical purposes in enabling the dark web. Those two are the Hidden Wiki and Bitcoin, which provide a solution that enables the dark web to be accessible and usable.

Though the hidden Wiki offers some assistance to content on the dark web, but it also includes some illegal websites.

Hidden wiki site contains a listing of all the Dark internet sites that are presently operating, user feedback on those sites, and knowledge about what are often accessed through each site. Bitcoin is the crypto-currency which enables two parties to conduct a trusted transaction without knowing each other’s identity. The dark web has been a big factor in the expansion of bit coin and vice versa.

Advantages of the dark web:

The legality of dark web is based on how a user engages with it. Some might fall to the edge of legal lines for many reasons and some may act in ways that are illegal for the safety and security of others. Using of the dark web usually means you're attempting to interact in activity that you simply couldn't perform within the limelight.

Not everything is illegitimate in the dark web. It has a legitimate side also. Privacy is much more concern for many people threatened by stalkers and other criminals. In this case dark web helps people to take care of privacy and freely express their views.

On the dark web, users can seek out the benefits of the user anonymity, ability to take illegal actions for both users and providers and the virtually untraceable services and sites. In fact, a lot of people use it in countries where internet access is criminalized. As an anonymous communications channel the Tor network serves an important function in helping individuals communicate in environments which are hostile to free speech.

One of the foremost advantages of the dark web is the difficulty of blocking it. Common forms of censorship do not work with encrypted overlay networks. The dark web is more challenging to surveillance by governments and Internet service providers. Many organizations including journalists, political dissidents, abuse and persecution victims, human Rights and other professionals support the use of and access to the dark web to communicate sensitive information.

Disadvantages of the dark web:

The dark web is the den to the criminal activities.

The most important portion of dark web traffic is child abuse. The vast of traffic to hidden dark sites via Tor is for screening and distributing images of child abuse, illicit pornography and buying illegal drugs. Using the dark web one can make it easier to commit a number of of the worst crimes.

The grouping of the dark web and crypto currencies supposedly makes it much easier to hire someone to commit a murder or some other illegal activities. While some uses the dark web for their privacy concern and for others it may be the violation to their privacy as the private photos, documents, financial records have been stolen from the dark web.

The subject that is most commonly associated with the dark web is drug trafficking which is an integral and largest part of dark web marketplaces. Silk Road was one of the largest and most infamous dark web marketplaces till 2013. But the shutdown of Silk Road was not the end of dark web marketplaces. Replacements have sprung up to fill the vacuum selling anything that traders want to put online.

By nature, the dark web is anonymous and incompetent of discriminating between criminals and common users. There are many dark web sites set up by scammers to avoid the rage of their victims. Many e-commerce sites even exist for a while and suddenly disappear with the money they are holding on behalf of customers.

Enforcement officials must address this issue by campaigning that maintains the privacy of the typical user while unmasking the criminal. They are getting better at finding and prosecuting owners of sites that sell illegal goods and services. User can easily utilize the Tor in an attempt to pirate copyrighted content from the dark web and share illegal pornography, or engage in cyber terrorism.

The two specific grey areas of dark Web activity are whistleblowing and hacktivism. Those are not categorized as entirely beneficial, but have some commendable characteristics.

computer and coffee
Photo: Sajjad Hussain M/Burst
If you have a legitimate need to access the dark web, make sure that you stay safe using it. For safe access to the dark net you have to trust your intuition. You have to separate your online role from real life, employ active monitoring of identify and financial theft and you have to avoid downloads of dark web files. You should consider using a secondary non-admin local user account for all daily activities and always restrict access to your Tor-enabled device.

Be sure to educate yourself on the risks of the dark web before you get mislaid in the dark underbelly. It is smart to be selective about the websites you access if you willing to venture to the dark web. Rather than finding the illegal users one has to find the illegal sites.

The debate on the dark web is by no means over.

There are many things in the dark web yet to be known. It is still in progress. As policy-makers move forward, they need to monitor vigilantly the evolution of the dark Web and make sure that enforcement agencies have the resources and legal support to police successfully the dark web. Dark web policy must be thoughtful to strike the balance between the requirements of privacy-minded users and the government’s responsibility to prevent criminality.

It is always preferable to practice safe internet habits with necessary precautions to protect yourself from the illicit world.

Lakhijyoti Deka is computer engineer in New Delhi, the capitol city of India. In her free time she likes recite poetry, sing and gathering information latest technology.

Unity basketball tips off tonight

Unity's Blake Kimball brings the ball down the floor
Unity's Blake Kimball dribbles the ball down the floor during first half action in last year's home game against St. Joseph-Ogden. The Rockets will host the Spartans on February 19.

Photo: PhotoNews/Clark Brooks

The Unity varsity boys basketball team open their 2021 season on the road tonight at Maroa-Forsyth.

Under normal circumstances due to the COVID-19 state health department protocols, spectator capacity is limited to just 25 spectators for the away team. However, Rocket fans can catch tonight's game on the NFHS network from the comfort of their home at 7pm. The junior varsity contest at 5:30pm will also be streamed.

The cost to watch NFHS Network streaming events start a monthly subscription cost of $10.99 per month. Fans can save almost half of the year fee by purchasing an annual subscription at $69.99. The NFHS will donate a portion of the annual subscription fee to the school you select when you sign up. Schedule and times for all Unity high school and middle school basketball games can be found here.

The Rockets will host seven opponents on their 13-game schedule this season. Here is the current schedule for the 2021.

2021 Unity Boys Basketball Schedule

02/02/2021     Tue • 7:00 PM     @ Maroa Forsyth High School
02/05/2021     Fri • 7:00 PM     vs. Paris High School
02/09/2021     Tue • 7:00 PM     vs. IVC High School
02/12/2021     Fri • 7:00 PM     vs. Pontiac High School
02/16/2021     Tue • 7:00 PM     @ Prairie Central High School
02/19/2021     Fri • 7:00 PM     vs. St. Joseph-Ogden High School
02/20/2021     Sat • 3:30 PM     @ PBL High School
02/23/2021     Tue • 7:00 PM     @ Olympia High School
02/26/2021     Fri • 7:00 PM     vs. Monticello High School
03/02/2021     Tue • 7:00 PM     @ St. Thomas More High School
03/05/2021     Fri • 7:00 PM     vs. Rantoul High School
03/06/2021     Sat • 4:30 PM     vs. Tuscola High School
03/09/2021     Tue • 7:00 PM     @ Central Catholic High School

Breaking | First two SJO boys basketball games canceled

Per an email message yesterday afternoon from St. Joseph-Ogden Athletic Director Justin Franzen, the first two boys basketball games of the season have been canceled.

The Spartans, both JV and varsity squads, were scheduled to open the 2021 season against former Sangamon Valley Conference foe Cissna Park High School in the Main Gym on Friday. Four days later, SJO planned to host St. Thomas More for their first Illini Prairie Conference contest this year.

Franzen indicated that both games were canceled due to required COVID-19 quarantine and mitigation measures.

The girls' JV and varsity home openers are still scheduled to be played at this time.

Facing limit fan capacity for home games this season, the SJO Fan Club purchased video cameras for both the main gym and outdoor sports facilities so that all home Spartan athletic events will be streamed live via the NFHS Network at a subscription cost of $10.99 per month. Fans can save almost half of the year fee by purchasing an annual subscription at $69.99.

All Spartan basketball, volleyball, and wrestling meets will be broadcasted on the network. Bookmark this page to enjoy watching SJO sports online until public health mandated spectator limitations are lifted.

What SJO fans need to know about home basketball games this season

Earlier today, St. Joseph-Ogden announced the school's attendance policy for basketball spectators this season.

Following IDPH guidelines, schools may control the number of spectators for indoor sporting events up to a maximum of 50 per game in regions that are in Phase 4, or 25 at schools not in Phase 4. Spartan fans who wish to attend games must reserve their space with the school. Only two spectators per athlete will be allowed.

To protect players and fellow fans, every spectator will be screen for COVID-19 symptoms upon entry to the facility.

The latest IHSA guidelines also require all student-athletes to participate in masks -- with the exception of swimming and diving, gymnasts on an apparatus and outdoor events where social distancing can occur -- all game personnel not participating in the contest and spectators must wear masks and observe social distancing.

Below are the entry and seating information for SJO basketball games this season.

• The home team will provide a list of two spectators per athlete for each freshmen, JV, and varsity home game. Athletes and their families will need to communicate who is on this list ahead of game time so that we can keep accurate records of who is in the building.

• Spectators will be allowed to enter St. Joseph-Ogden High School through the north Commons doors fifteen minutes prior to tip-off. All spectators should park in the north parking lot, just outside of the Commons.

• Upon entry, spectators will be screened for symptoms. After being symptom screened, all spectators will need to report to the balcony seating area in the SJO main gym. Please sit on the Spartan head stickers taped to the balcony bleachers. Members of the same household may sit together.

• The gym will be cleared after the JV game is over, and the spectators from the JV game (or prelim game) need to exit the gym and return to their respective vehicles.

• Remember, masks must be worn at all times.

• No gathering in the gym or outside.

• Failure to follow IDPH guidelines will result in immediate removal from the facility.

• Concessions will not be available. There are water bottle filling stations located outside the main gym.

• Restrooms are located right outside of the northeast corner of the gym.

SJO football on tap, Spartans open on the road March 20

John Michael Ehmen plays defense for St. Joseph-Ogden in 2019
SJO linebacker John Michael Ehmen flows with the ball while playing in SJO's last football game in over a year. The Spartans are slated to return to action on March 20.

Photo: PhotoNews Media/Clark Brooks

Seventeen days after they start practice in March, the St. Joseph-Ogden football team will play their first game of the 2020-21 school year on 20th. For those not keeping track, it will be the first time since the first round playoff game against the state champion Williamsville team back on November 2, 2019, that head coach Shawn Skinner and the Spartans will take to the gridiron. The season opener, featuring members of the Class of 2021, will at Illinois Valley Central.

The six game schedule also includes a non-conference Thursday night contest at Charleston against the Trojans on April 1. The five other games will be battles against fellow Illini Prairie Conference schools.

One highlight on this season's lineup is the Spartans will host just two home games during the abbreviated spring season.

The first one of the campaign is against Pontiac on March 26 and the second against Bloomington Central Catholic on April 16. Fans, who don't mind a short drive, can catch a third game at Unity's Hicks Field on April 9.

SJO's final contest of the season will be a Saturday game against Monticello on April 24, a team the Spartan program has not beaten since 2016.

The 24th will be the last official day of IHSA sanctioned football until August. Meanwhile, under the approved Illinois Department of Public Health plan, the IHSA's revised pandemic schedule for spring sports such as baseball, track & field and lacrosse will already be underway. Practices for those sports are scheduled to begin on April 5 with games starting as early as April 12.

2021 SJO Football Schedule

March 20 • at Illinois Valley Central
March 26 • vs Pontiac
April 1 • at Charleston
April 9 • at Unity
April 16 • vs Central Catholic
April 24 • at Monticello

Guest Commentary: In hard economic times, be creative

by Glenn Mollette, Guest Commentator

Americans are no strangers to hard economic times. Poverty still exists. Millions struggle with financial despair.

The answers are not always easy but here are possibilities.

Look into your local community college and see what training is offered. One and two year programs are typically taught in our public community colleges. You might learn a new trade in as little as a year. Community colleges are affordable.

Often there is enough federal grant money to cover the entire cost of your study. In as little as a year or maybe two at the most you could be in a new career. Also look at trade schools. A trade school will offer a program preparing you for a new life skill. Sometimes trade schools are not a good deal financially.

Compare them carefully with the public community college and often you will find your options are better with community college. Call the admissions office of your local community college. They want you to attend. They will help you figure it out. It's not hard. Try!

Once you learn your new trade you can apply for jobs or start your own business. Be creative.

Working from home is more accepted than ever. The best business you can get into is one that does not require you to go into debt. Start out small. Try not to borrow money. Work from your house or car or whatever to get started. If you need to rent, be economical. Big overhead can kill any business. If your service and quality are good people will find you.

Partner with someone to learn a new skill. Ask someone to mentor you or help train you to do something. If they do then work hard to be an asset to them. In time you may be able to utilize your skill elsewhere but don't use your training to take business away from your mentor. Move your skill to a new community or market.

What do you already know that will make money?

If you have lived very long you are bound to know something. Utilize what you know into a small business. Making some money is better than none. If you do a task that someone wants done you can make money. If you have information that someone needs, you can make money. If people like what you do or want what you can do then you can make money.

Think of all the service people who make good livings. Plumbers, carpenters, electricians, mechanics, landscapers, heavy equipment operators, truck drivers, taxi drivers, barbers, cooks, servers, managers, consultants, tour guides, entertainers and more.

Have you thought about turning your home into a bed and breakfast? Hotels today are struggling to be very inviting during the pandemic.

Advertise your skill. The way to thrive is to advertise. If you have something people want or need then you must get the word out about your service.

County and small communities must also rise to the challenge of today's economy.

We don't have time to fight with each other. We must be innovative, work together and keep trying new ideas until something works. If we try long enough something will eventually click and start working.

Just because you can think something does not always mean you can achieve it. However, if you cannot dream it, you have no chance at all.


Dr. Glenn Mollette is a syndicated American columnist and author of American Issues, Every American Has An Opinion and ten other books. He is read in all 50 states. The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily representative of any other group or organization.


This article is the sole opinions of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Sentinel. We welcome comments and views from our readers.


Photo of the Day - February 1, 2021

SJO's Dwight Colvin runs the football in the last game of the season

St. Joseph-Ogden's Dwight Colvin returns a Monticello kickoff in their IHSA first-round football playoff game on the road in Monticello on October 27, 2018. After the mud and grassed settled, after handshakes exchanged, the final chapter for Spartans' ended with a 50-7 road loss to the Sages. In the eight games he saw action, Colvin averaged 140 yards per game with six them tallying more than hundred. The 5'2", 150-pound ball carrier amassed 3,062 rushing yards on 470 carries and scored 40 times during his three-year stint at SJO.

(Photo: PhotoNews Media/Clark Brooks)

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