Photo Page Sponsorship Opportunity

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a Sentinel photo page.

The sponsorship support will allow the St. Joseph-Ogden High School athletic department, athletes and parents save and share their favorite athletic moments captured in photos published on The Sentinel photo pages. Whether it be promoting your business or showing support of your favorite athlete, this unique branding opportunity is for you or your business! Your contribution to our efforts is essential and greatly appreciated!

  • Photo page sponsors receive permanent recognition at top and bottom of the photo page
  • Ten additional images will be added to the photo page
  • The photo editor will add ten more photos to the page for Spartan sports fans to enjoy
  • All watermarks are removed from all the photos on the photo page for athletes to enjoy
  • Social Media announcement on Twitter thanking the sponsor(s)
  • Social Media announcement on the Sentinel Facebook Page and LinkedIn thanking the sponsor(s)
  • Corporate & business sponsors logos will be applied to their page recognition to promote their brand
  • The funds raised via your sponsorship will help The Sentinel expand our coverage with more stories and photos for our the readers, document and preserve local history as well contribute toward necessary support services and equipment upgrades to continue to be the leading online news source for Spartan sports and community news.

    Select Sponsorship Level ***

    Select photo page you would like to sponsor

    Sponsor? Please enter your name or the business name. Leave blank if you would like to remain anonymous.

    *** Notes ***

    Sponsorship Level: Silver Sponsors receive all of the items listed in the benefit package above. In addition to sponsoring a second gallery, Gold Sponsors a special recognition announcement that appears on every page on the Sentinel for 30 days. We will contact you to reserve your second gallery sponsorship.

    A limited number of sponsorship opportunities are available per photo page. Availability subject to change without notice.

    Sponsorship packages are subject to change without notice and subject to availability.

    Last updated: 05-20-2020

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