Get That Pic Free!

So you found an awesome picture on a newly published Sentinel photo page you would really, really like to have. You know what? It's yours!

Oh, and we'll gladly remove our watermark before we email it to you so you can share it on all social media platforms or make a print for your scrapbook or framed print for your "I love me wall". But first, we need something from you.

The Sentinel needs your help. We want more readers so we can grow. We want to publish more stories and more photos every month. To do that we need more readers in order to convince businesses in St. Joseph, Royal and Ogden to advertise with us.

Share any four Sentinel stories - hopefully your favorite ones - on Facebook using the tags: "@oursentinelnews #greatsportsphotos" or on Twitter using the tags "@Sentinel_News #SJOsportspics".

If you are following us on Facebook or Twitter, we'll DM the photo to you as soon as we've confirmed the stories you shared via notifications that we've been tagged.

This offer is good for any photo on a Sentinel photo page published with in the last seven days of publishing. As long as your first tag is within seven days your request will be honored. You will find the publishing date at the bottom of the story like this:

Got a question? Email us at Feel free to ask via messenger on Facebook or direct message on Twitter. We'll be happy to answer them. As with any special offer, all photos are subject to availability and this offer may change or be modified without notification. Our offer is limited to one Facebook and/or Twitter account per 30 day period.

Last update: 05-10-20

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