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Get a gallery photo

Is there a photo on the gallery page that you would like to have to make a print for your wall, graduation display or give as a gift to a player or family member?

Send an email along with a screen grab of the image you want to photos@oursentinel.com and we'll send you a digital invoice for $12.95/hi-resolution digital file. Once paid, you will be sent a link to download the image to your favorite digital device.

Photos that are ordered as well as the large photos on the gallery page, which can be downloaded at no charge by clicking on the photo and saving the high-resolution version are subject to certain use restrictions. You are welcome to use the image for personal use only, which means you are hereby granted permission to make prints for display in your home; upload and display on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or personal recruiting pages; make personalized objects like t-shirts or coffee mugs; or make copies for scrapbooks and other personalized memorabilia.

No other use or license is granted without expressed written permission from PhotoNews Media. This includes all and any editorial or commercial use, which is not permitted. Not sure if your use will be kosher with us? Send a query to us at photos@oursentinel.com.

See a thumbnail photo you would like to have? Buy us a coffee or order a Premiere Signature Announcement and we'll send the full size digital file to you for free. Every cup of coffee and signature announcement you buy helps The Sentinel cover more local news and sports. To show our appreciation for your support, we'll email the photo you want for personal use as described above.

Note: Terms and conditions of downloads are fluid and may change without notice. Last update 3/15/21.

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