Illinois to Shelter-In-Place

Rumors have been circulating since yesterday evening that Illinois will "shelter in place" between now and Monday to avoid spreading the virulent COVID-19 virus throughout the state.

Even while President Donald Trump resist putting the nation on lockdown as Spain, Italy and France have done, multiple sources are reporting that Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker plans to issue the "shelter-in-place" order for the entire state at 3pm press conference later today.

With the lack of testing, treatment facilities and a reliable cure or vaccine on the horizon, the order is being issue to mandate Illinois residents to stay in their homes to help suppress the spread of the coronavirus across Illinois and prevent medical facilities from being overloaded.

The length of the state's soft lockdown is unclear at this time, but two weeks with the possibility of consecutive resets until the infection rate subsides substantially seems to be the likely starting point.

Medical experts point out that the US infection rate is roughly following the same pattern as in Italy ten days ago. France and Spain are two to five days ahead of the North America. In two weeks, doctors and researchers will know if Illinois social distancing measures will save countless lives.

Italy has reported 41,038 cases with 3,405 deaths. Just over 4,000 who were tested have recovered at this point.

The confirmed cases in Illinois have risen rapidly over the past week because more tests are being processed. As of yesterday, there have been 3,151 test performed. Two people have recovered after testing positive. Meanwhile, 422 residents have been confirmed with the infection. So far, four Illinoisans have died from contracting the virus and the governor wants to act quickly to prevent additional loss of life.

Under the order, residents will still be able to shop for food at stores and food markets, get gas for vehicles, pick up medication at their pharmacy and even take walks. The effort is to curtail gatherings to prevent transmission from person to person. Schools will remain closed under this order.

A local "shelter-in-place" order was issued to residents of Oak Park also at 12:01 a.m. Friday, according the Chicago Tribune. Residents are required to stay at home except "for essential travel as outlined by village ordinance".

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