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Commentary: The whole world leads a life of uncertainty

Guest Commentary by Lefcothea-Maria Golgaki

When I am asked why is it that I like my routine so much, the answer is always the same. 'Well, I do, because there is a relative safety in it'.

I am both the scriptwriter and the leading actor and this is my morality play’. Naturally, there are things beyond my competence which I can neither comprehend nor eschew. Nevertheless, I am grateful because every night I go to bed, I retain the faith, somehow, I enjoy the confidence that the next morning the sun and the moon will still be in their places, an asteroid impact will be avoided, an alien will not land on my doorstep.

Yet, it is mathematically certain that at one point we are all going to be faced with some unpalatable prospects. Does this mean that it works to our benefit if things indefinitely remain the same? Literally, this is impossible. Heraclitus, the ancient Greek philosopher believed that change was central to the universe. 'Everything flows, nothing stays still.'

Personally, I like change. To be honest, I often pursue it as it makes me feel alive, it makes me feel powerful.

There have been many times in the past that I took key decisions that resulted in me turning my whole life upside down. The reason was simple; I could do so, because I chose to do so. Therefore, I, a negligible yet complex molecule in the vastness of the universe, can alter my fate, can be master of my own destiny and have the power to dream and plan. So, allow me to summarize.

I have a life, I go through my familiar routine which I adore because it grants me the right to move freely in my sphere of safety and at the same time, I assume full authority to intervene in it whenever I want or need. FULL STOP!

But what happens when my fate is predetermined and placed in the hands of other forces?

Is this always the case and I just deceive myself by having the misconception that I pull the strings? Do I pull my own strings or does a puppeteer manipulate me? And if this is the case, what might happen if the puppeteer decides to go up the stage and start improvising?

Does this mean that if he fancies, he can grab and toss me in the air, or squeeze me and do whatever he wants with me? My fate is then going to be decided in the last minute and I, the poor puppet, face contorted in agony, will have to go up the stage, forever unaware of the outcome of the play. At that point, I am nothing.

Everything I was taught about who I can be or how my decisions affect me and the others, all these are proven ultimately futile. Why? Because now, I do not know the script! I am not the leading actor; not even an extra. Ergo, worse to being controlled, is not having a clue about what will happen next.

Assuming that the puppeteer exists, bound I am not to provoke his wrath. This leaves me with no other option but to hate him.

My friends, it is the year 2020 and now the whole world leads a life of uncertainty. Fear of what is happening has been surpassed by fear of what the future has in store. The consequences of the unknown loom large in this ancient Greek play which can only be described as DRAMA.

About the author:
• Lefcothea-Maria Golgaki has been an ELT teacher for the past 22 years and at the same time works as a freelance writer on English language books, poetry and teaching material for English, American and Greek Publishing Houses.