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34 area students make the Spring 2020 U of I Dean's List

Last week, the University of Illinois announced the students recognized outstanding academic achievement with the release of the Spring 2020 Dean's List. Thirty-four area students who studied at Illinois' flagship university were among the 13,183 earning recognition for their academic performance.

Students named to the UIUC Dean's List must complete coursework and grading to fall into the top 20% of a student’s college class or curriculum. Due to the complications from the Coronavirus pandemic, students who earned a spot on this semester's list took of 12 credit hours for a letter grade or received a final grade of "Pass" in classes that shifted to or was offered in a pass/fail format. Under normal circumstances, the University of Illinois requires students to have enrolled in a minimum of 14 credit hours. Classes taken pass/fail are not counted toward their academic standing for this award.

The list below does not include Dean's List honorees added after Jan. 27 or students who did not list their hometown as Royal, Ogden, Philo, Tolono, Sidney or St. Joseph with the University.

Benjamin Albrecht, Senior, St. Joseph / Kinesiology
Elanor Atkins, Freshman, Tolono / Animal Sciences
Cody Ayers, Senior, Ogden / Molecular and Cellular Biology
Sierra Benson, Senior, Tolono / New Media
Kathryn Bigger, Sophomore, St. Joseph / Elementary Education
Emily Bluhm, Sophomore, St. Joseph / Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
Nicholas Cagle, Sophomore, Ogden / Economics
Max Daly, Senior, Sidney / Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
Dawson Dodds, Senior, Tolono / Finance
Carson Florey, Junior, St. Joseph / Linguistics
Lauren Gherna, Senior, St. Joseph / English
Jocelyn Harmon, Senior, Tolono / Supply Chain Management
Evan Hawkins, Junior, St. Joseph / Advertising
Makenzie Heyen, Junior, Sidney / Graphic Design
Mason Housenga, Junior, St. Joseph / Physics
Ian Hulette, Senior, St. Joseph / Human Development and Family Studies
Riley Knott, Junior, St. Joseph / Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications
Kristen Kurtz, Junior, Ogden / Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
Mark Maddock, Junior, St. Joseph / Political Science
Robert Malmberg, Senior, Tolono / Philosophy
Camryn McKee, Sophomore, St. Joseph / Political Science
Mira McLain, Senior, St. Joseph / Integrative Biology
Abigayle Mizer, Sophomore, Ogden / Political Science
Adalyn Parke, Junior, St. Joseph / Psychology
Keegan Payne, Senior, Tolono / Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences
Allison Place, Junior, St. Joseph / Crop Sciences
Corynne Roberts, Junior, Ogden / Materials Science and Engineering
Abigail Schlueter, Sophomore, St. Joseph / Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications
Arthur Schmidt, Junior, Tolono / Technical Systems Management
Rylee Sjuts, Sophomore, St. Joseph / Undeclared
Benjamin Snodgrass, Junior, Tolono / Kinesiology
Ashlee Walters, Senior, Tolono / English
Israel Wells, Junior, Sidney / Kinesiology
Madisyn Welsh, Junior, St. Joseph / Social Work

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