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Senior drivers have up to a year to renew Illinois state drivers license

Secretary of State Jesse White recently announced that Illinois residents 75-years-old or older will have a year to renew their licenses if they expire in 2020. The state is extending the renewal deadline 365 days from the current expiration date in 2020 on the individual's current license.

Illinois requires drivers 75 and older to renew their licenses in person and to take both a vision and road test. The extension allows older drivers to wait until a few weeks before their 2021 birthday to visit a Secretary of State facility to renew their licenses.

"I am mindful of the heightened risks associated with seniors contracting COVID-19 and that is why I have authorized this important change during this challenging and unique time," White explained in a statement released by the SoS.

Drivers whose licenses are suspended or revoked do not qualify for the extension.

There are 147,000 drivers age 75 and older whose licenses have already expired or will expire in 2020. They are being notified by letter of the extension. Licensed drivers are advised to keep the letter with them as further proof that they have been given an extension. Law enforcement agencies throughout the state have been notified that the drivers have been given an extension.

All other Illinois drivers under the age of 75 whose licenses expired earlier this year have until Nov. 1 to renew them.

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