To the editor: Winter Wassail is seeking your help

Friends of St Joseph,

The Holidays are approaching, and the Church of Christ (SJCOC) needs some of your help for our 1st Annual "Winter Wassail Festival" on Friday December 4th. We're going to need to utilize some of the community parking that is a few blocks away from the Church located on Sherman Street.

We've tossed around the idea of using some of our community golf carts to help shuttle folks, especially the elderly, to and from those parking areas. The carts would need to first of all, be equipped with and licensed in compliance with the Village's rules. Also, they would need to be wiped down between uses (COVID safe) and it would be especially fun if they were decorated in a Christmas type theme with judging for the best "ride".

Right now, we are simply curious if anybody would be interested in volunteering for something like this.

The Festival will run from 4-9 pm, but you would not need to be asked to cover that entire time! We'd take whatever time you'd be available. And, obviously you would get free tickets to attend the event as well.

So, please reply if this is something you'd be interested in doing, and thanks! REPLY here, or PM me, or e-mail me at

Gordon Gilly
St. Joseph