Village Administrator job on St. Joseph board agenda

The Village of St. Joseph moves one step closer to hiring a Village Administrator. A proposal from the Finance, Personnel, and Economic Development department will ask the board to approve a job description and new ordinance for the position of Village Administrator at Tuesday's board meeting.

The Village Administrator would be responsible for day-to-day operation of village services, keep track of financial health and capital projects, assist in zoning enforcement as well as ensuring permit fees are collected.

"The way we do things now, we are far from being efficient," said Tami Fruhling-Voges, Village President/Mayor. "The Village should be ran like a business."

She said the Village Administrator is needed to help her and the trustees with research and policy recommendations. The person in the new position would also actively apply for state and federal grants.

"It will truly be a benefit to the community."

According to agenda for Tuesday, Mayor Fruhling-Voges will present a new Village Public Works calendar and announce the recipient of the St. Joseph's first Employee Appreciation Award. She will also unveil a Halloween Proclamation as well as tax levy comparisons and late distributions from the County Treasurer's Office.

The board will also hear and vote to approve an audit report from Feller & Kuester CPAs LLP, receive an updated from the recent Sewer Committee meeting and an update on the Linden Street retention pond.

If you have something that you want to bring up at the Village Board Meeting but do not want to attend, residents are encouraged to email the information to Your email should include your full name, address and phone number.

If you would like to attend the meeting in person, please use the side door which enters directly into the Village Board room. It will be the only door available for entry. Visitors may address the Board /Committee on subjects listed and not listed on the agenda during the Public Comment portion of the meeting. Speakers will must state their name and address for the meeting records. Masks and social distancing will be observed.

You can find the October 13 agenda here.

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