Village sewer rate increase goes into effect in St. Joseph

At the beginning of this month a scheduled sewer rate increase went into effect for the Village of St. Joseph. The new rates will be reflected on residents' upcoming November billing.

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The schedule rate increase, approved in April 2019 by the St. Joseph Board of Trustees and put on hold due COVID-19 pandemic, will pay for upgrades as the aging plant nears its maximum operating capacity according to a release from the village.

The 15-year plan created last year is a detailed road map to ensure costs, operating expenses and plant capital maintenance needs are met to keep pace with the community's growth. The plan included incrementally increasing rates, which will be determined annually by the board, on a yearly basis rather of one or more large jump in monthly fees.

While the increase will impact low volume users minimally, heavy users will see likely see a noticeable change on their statements.

The new rate, starting on October 1, is $17.50, up from $15.00, for the first two units. Each additional unit used will be billed at at $1.75 more then the previous amount of $5.25 at $7.00 each.

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