New performance sports drink to challenge Gatorade

Move over Gatorade. Kick Powerade to the curb. There is new, healthier sports drink alternative available later this month hitting the market for area athletes.

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Electra, made with sea salt, coconut water concentrate, watermelon concentrate, potassium and magnesium -- the last four which are excellent sources of electrolytes -- begins shipping this month. The company says it uses a zero calorie sweetener called NCZ Sweet, also known as Reb M, which according to the company is a natural, zero-calorie, high-potency sweetener produced naturally through clean fermentation of sustainable sugarcane from Brazil.

The new sports drink is currently available in three flavors – Passion Punch, Oh Yeah! Orange and Litty Lemonade. Each 16oz, single serving bottle contains no artificial colors or ingredients, and is packed with vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and electrolytes for prehydration, performance, recovery and rehydration.

In 2018, the sports drink industry generated about 22.37 billion dollars in sales. Gatorade is the leading brand with in estimated 77% of the market share according Grand View Research.

"I've consumed tons of hydration drinks over the past 30 years – many of them full of sugar and artificial ingredients," Fran Harris, Founder and CEO of Electra Beverages, who Harris led the University of Texas' to a 34-0 NCAA championship in 1986 and was a member of the Houston Comets' first WNBA championship team in 1997. "Consumers are demanding healthier options – less sugar, fewer calories and more functionality."

Electra is available through direct order through the company's website and is currently negotiating with distribution and retailer suppliers. The business is located in Austin, Texas.

Next Friday, January 8, Harris, who was selected out of a pool of more than 30,000 applicants, will appear on ABC's Shark Tank, where she will pitch her new product to venture capitalists.

"There's nothing like being in the Tank," said Harris. "The potential impact on one's business is well-documented."

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