Christmas time is here

Members of the Hot Club of Urbana play a song from Vince Guaraldi's Charlie Brown Christmas at their Christmas show at the Rose Bowl Tavern in Urbana on Saturday, December 18. Piano player Rob Sweedler and his brothers, Jeff on bass and Ben playing violin, along with drummer Will Andresen and Louie Pappas on guitar, flute and saxophone, played their final show of the year with a jazzed up selection of holiday songs. Performing in front of an intimate crowd of about 40 guests, the band performed holiday favorites like Greensleeves, Skating and Christmas Time is Here.
Photo: PhotoNews Media/Clark Brooks

Louie Pappas plays sax at the Rose Bowl

Louie Pappas plays a solo during the second set of the Hot Club Urbana's show during the band's rendition of Christmas is Coming. Listen to the entire live performance recorded by Sean Kutzko for Chambana Jazz here. Photo: PhotoNews Media/Clark Brooks

Violinist Ben Sweedler and his brother Jeff, on the bass, play God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen during the first set of the Hot Club Urbana's Christmas show at the Rose Bowl. Photo: PhotoNews Media/Clark Brooks

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