What every couple planning a wedding needs to know

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(StatePoint) -- Planning a wedding involves dozens of decisions made under tight deadlines, as well as agreements made with multiple vendors, including caterers, entertainers and florists.

Yet as we saw during the pandemic, plans can quickly go awry. Following are some tips on how to protect your big day from many unforeseen circumstances, based on Travelers claims data from recent years:

Do Your Research

It’s a sad reality that not all vendors keep their vows. Indeed, 19% of Travelers’ wedding insurance claims from August 2020 through July 2021 related to losses associated with vendors. For instance, florists went out of business, photographers never showed and bands broke up before the big day. Make sure you research vendors before signing contracts and making any deposits. Check with the Better Business Bureau, read online reviews, seek references and consider asking friends and family for personal recommendations.

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Keep Calm & Party On

When dozens, if not hundreds, of partygoers are dancing, eating and drinking, it can sometimes be a recipe for disaster. In fact, 11% of Travelers’ wedding insurance claims from last year were due to accidents and the damage that occurred. Encourage your guests to have fun – and be responsible – while they celebrate your special day.

Consult the Calendar

Mother Nature can be fickle and nothing is ever certain, but you can reduce your chances of bad weather ruining your nuptials by consulting the calendar. According to Travelers, 6% of last year’s wedding insurance claims were due to severe weather. If you are planning your wedding during a stormy season, create a contingency plan, especially if the area is known for extreme conditions. And if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, make sure you know how to pull it off if you have to move it indoors.

Protect Your Investment

Whether it’s a tropical destination wedding or a party in your backyard, insurance is a smart way to protect what can be a significant financial investment. And while COVID-19 is excluded, insurance can help with unexpected situations like severe weather, illness or injury, and even military deployment.

Wedding insurance is offered by insurance carriers like Travelers, a company with a long history of helping their customers when they need it the most. And with the average cost of a wedding in 2020 – heavily skewed due to the pandemic – amounting to about $19,000, according to The Knot.com, a Wedding Protector Plan can help provide peace of mind.

"Insurance is smart for weddings of all sizes, including events that span across an entire weekend, with a welcome reception, rehearsal dinner, the wedding and even a celebratory send-off brunch," says Kassy Westervelt, senior product analyst at Travelers. "We recommend couples choose a coverage level at least equal to the amount they might lose if their event had to be rescheduled at the last minute, considering purchases and deposits for things like the venue, gown, rings, caterers, entertainment, transportation, flowers, cake, invitations and more."

"Couples who are new to the wedding planning process may not be aware that their wedding can actually be insured, so we recommend you contact an insurance agent or visit our website to understand what it covers and how it can help," says Westervelt. "We also like to make sure couples understand that change of heart is not covered."

Your insurance agent can work with you to determine the coverages and policy limits that best fit your needs and budget. To learn more about Travelers’ no-deductible wedding insurance policies, visit protectmywedding.com.

For greater peace of mind around one of the most important days of your life, take steps to avoid and prepare for common wedding day mishaps.

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