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Area COVID-19 Dashboard for January 4, 2022

Today, the Champaign County Public Health District list 5,135 individuals who are, or should be, in isolation for five days after testing positive for Covid-19. ** Under the 10-day rule before last week's new CDC guidelines, that number would be 975 higher to include those who tested positive between 6-10 days ago. For readers who want to stay informed with a more accurate assessment of the positivity in the county, we've added another data point that indicates the number that should be insolation.

Active Champaign County Cases:


Net change in the county: 181

** Total that should be isolated: 6,110

Current local cases 1/4/22
Number in parenthesis indicates new cases since 1/3/22

Ogden • 38 (8)
Royal • 3 (1)
St. Joseph • 147 (12)
Urbana • 1,814 (239)
Sidney • 40 (2)
Philo • 45 (4)
Tolono • 142 (17)
Sadorus • 11 (0)
Pesotum • 16 (3)

Total Active Local Cases:


Net change in local cases: 103

Total Local Confirmed Cases: 15,671

New cases: 286

The information on this page is compiled from the latest figures provide by the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District at the time of publishing. Active cases are the number of confirmed cases reported currently in isolation. Local is defined as cases within the nine communities The Sentinel covers.

** Publisher's Note / January 6: After careful consideration of the data used to determine these figures appear to be inaccurate. The Sentinel is modifying the methodology used to determine the number of individuals that would be in isolation under the CDC guidelines prior to December 27, 2021.

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