Sudoku is back on

This week, The Sentinel is happy to bring back the Sudoku Challenge. Back in 2004, the Times in London helped spread Sudoku to Western culture by publishing it first daily. Since then, people attempt to solve one of the possible 5,472,730,538 puzzles.

Your objective, if you haven't played this game before is to fill each row and column with the same number only once using digits 1 through 9. Sudoku is also awesome, fun for developing concentration and keeping your brain sharp.

Our new reboot allows Sentinel readers to solve the puzzle online. After you solve this weeks, try one or more of the additional Sudoku puzzles to play.

Here's how you play:

Click on any box in the puzzle and the frame will turn yellow. When you do this the clock starts ticking. Use your keyboard to place the numbers in each box. Remember the goal is to only use one number in each row and column. If the number you wish to use is already present in the row or column, you will not be able to insert it into that box.

Below the puzzle, you will see a check box that says pencil. Use this to "pencil in" answers. Penciled numbers will be in blue. When you are ready to fill in a box simply uncheck the box and fill it with the correct number.

Two other tips: You can erase numbers by highlighting them and clicking delete on your keyboard. Also, you can use the "Reveal Number" button to show you the correct number for the highlighted square - but don't use it too often. It takes the fun out of solving the puzzle.

When you have filled in all the squares a congratulatory message will pop up. If you have filled in all the blanks but see the pop-up, it means you did something wrong. Click the "Solution" button to see where you might have failed.

Good luck and test your brain each week.