Area high school grads make the Parkland College fall Dean's List

This week, Parkland College announced the Dean's List for fall 2021. In order to make the list, students must earn a minimum grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.0-grading scale for the semester to receive recognition for their outstanding academic performance. Students enrolled in fewer than 12 hours can make the Dean’s List by achieving a 3.5 cumulative GPA for 12 or more hours during the current academic year.

The fall 2021 honorees from our area, which includes Ogden, Pesotum, Philo, Sadorus, St. Joseph, Tolono, and Urbana, are listed below by hometown.

Zach T David
Kenly R Taylor

Hans G Goodmann
Olivia D Kieffer

Abigail L Dodd
Karson J Ewerks
Ella G Godsell
Lindsey L Miller
Mercedes E Rentschler

Riley E Millsap
Eric D Phillips II
Katharine C Wells

ST. JOSEPH Austin C Anderson
Craig A Antonio
Emily A Bigger
Antoni L Blas
Ross D Booker
Jacob M Dwyer
Dakota N Franzen
Erin E Henkelman
Ethan P Lane
Aiden C Livesay
Nathan T Maier
Lexi L Ribbe
Rachel L Smith
Erica P Stevenson
Anna A Tranel
Dillon D Uken
Anna R Wentzloff
Logan M Wolfersberger
Lucas A Woods

Taylor R Dooley

Tanner Block
Stephanie Corrales
Leah E Gateley
Kaitlynn M Gray
Shay F Haluzak
Chelsie A Helmick
Megan L Henry
Maggie R Hewing
Cassidy L Kamradt
Rachael P King
Kristen N Lareau
Korie J Novak
Connor D O'Donnell
Brayden Percival
Jana E Ping
Rakesh Sharma
Jillian R Stadel
Mikayla M Wetherell
Kimberly A Pruetting


Emma M Aders
Chase W Alexander
Audrey N Babcock
Jacob W Barker
Emily L Bennet
Jeremy D Bobbitt
Alana G Brown
Jhone Brown
Miriam N Calderon
Vahagn Chiflikyan
Kathryn R Choate
Richard M Coulter
Emily R Crane
Jesse J Cunningham
Abigail M Dunham
Lashae R Dunn
Emma K Fleming
Laini M Flessner
Janna H Fouly
Josiah C Freedman
Logan A Freeman
Colin P Fried
Margaret J Hall
Brandon N Hamilton
Allene G Hari
Jackson F Henderson
Liang M Hernandez-Lima
Kelly E Hoene
Enrique G Horna Chavarria
Matthew R Horner
Jacob R Ingalsbe
Sarah R Isaf
Yixuan Jin
Karis I Johnson
Tyler J Jurczyk
Alex M Kwok
Ariana I Loor
Amy C Love
Benoit S Lukunku
John D Lyons
Sebastian W Marlow
Santiago Martinez
Max J McCracken
Kathleen L McCullough
Kyle T McKay
Jessica A Miller
Jackson Moffat
Matt A Moutvic
Thomas J Negromo-Osagie
Ghada A Odeh
Sara M Odeh
Rebecca M Owen
Moriah E Owens
Christina M Parks
Jil V Patel
Romin M Patel
Maleah N Perry
Joel V Petersson
Tom L Phetchareune
Rachelle H Pierro
Ashley L Pruemer
Malyda T Radanavong
Anthany Ravanh
Kayla C Regnier
Dain M Richie
Marvin A Rios
Brandi L Ropinski
Ilean L Rubio
Sophia E Solava
Joshua G Stebbins
Madeline R Supp
Jacob A Tatman
Jake B Van Anrooy
Curtis J Viselli
Elizabeth C Viselli
Isabelle M Vliet
Christopher M Walker
Tatiana A Wallace
Avery J Wright
Robin E Young
Allonna B Yutzy
Ovidiu A Zaharescu

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