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Brassy jazz

Brian Patterson plays trombone at the Rose Bowl in Urbana
Brian Patterson, a member of the U of I Trombone Ensemble, plays a solo during a song at the Rose Bowl Tavern in Urbana on Saturday, March 26. The eight-piece ensemble included four other trombonists, a percussionist, a pianist, and a bass player. The band entertained nearly 30 jazz and music lovers at the Urbana bar. Earlier, the Trombone Ensemble played a tune entitled Outlook, arranged by Patterson. They also covered Whistle While Your Work in the first set and Recorda-Me, originally composed by Joe Henderson when he was 15 years of age. The Rose Bowl Tavern, in collaboration with the University of Illinois School of Music, is hosting shows featuring the talented jazz musicians studying on campus this spring semester.
Photo: PhotoNews Media/Clark Brooks

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