Davis, Miller vote in favor of trade suspension with Russia

WASHINGTON -- Last week, U.S. Representative Rodney Davis (R-IL 13) and Mary Miller (R-IL 15) voted supported legislation to suspend normal trade relations with Russia and Belarus for their unwarranted war of aggression against Ukraine. Their votes, along with 200 other republican representatives, were in favor of the measures that suspended preferential tariffs applied under “normal trade relations” treatment for the products of the Russian Federation and Belarus.

It also subjects products of the Russian Federation and Belarus to non-preferential tariff rates on the date of enactment as well as empowers the President, until January 1, 2024, to proclaim even higher tariff rates for particular products from the two countries.

"We should inflict maximum financial pain on Russia, Putin, and his oligarch cronies for their war against Ukraine and the atrocities that are a result of their war," said Rep. Davis. "That’s why the United States should suspend normal trade relations with Russia and Belarus by raising tariffs on them. We should not allow Putin to indirectly finance his war in Ukraine by trading with our country. We should use every financial tool at our disposal to make it as costly as possible for Putin to wage war against Ukraine."

The new legislation also empowers the President to raise tariffs after advance notice to Congress and an explanation of the basis for and potential impact of the increases.

After a large scale build-up on the border of the two countries, President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops to attack on February 24.

The foreign minister of Ukrainian said the incursion of nearly 200k Russian troops into his country was the "most blatant act of aggression in Europe since" World War II.