Letter to the Editor | It is imperative to recognize an existential threat to our society

Dear Editor,

A keen observer of political results and a lifelong Republican until an individual face to face discussion with my congressman clearly revealed the party had become merely a shill for the Fourth Reich to only promote talking points for the 1%’s benefit. Reading The Rise and Fall of Adolph Hitler by William L. Shirer in jr. high school enabled recognition of the Fourth Reich checking off every subversive step of Joseph Goebbels propaganda playbook refined to a high art for over 40 years. Witness we ignored history and are repeating it as our condemnation.

Throughout history hundreds of thousands of the greatest Americans ever have been willing to fight and die to secure and preserve the freedoms, rights, and privileges they bestowed upon our succeeding generations in this country. Now, we are witnessing thousands of Fourth Reich disciples who are willing to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans to destroy that inheritance and our country in the worship of someone who emulates Adolph Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, and Jim Jones.

It has always been and will always be harder and take longer to create and build a civilized unified society though a shared belief in mankind’s highest ideals and potential, than to internally subvert those goals through destruction and death through division, merely to usurp power from the good citizens who have failed to defeat those who employ propaganda, misinformation, and lies, the foundations of the traitors in their treason to destroy any power great enough to oppose the subjugation of everyone to their evil plot.

Through the masterful use of the power of projection, the Fourth Reich misleads their followers by accusing their opponents of what they themselves are actually doing to magically distract their followers from realizing the truth. ABTT! (Anything But The Truth!) is the gospel to which they must adhere religiously to prevent the end of their masquerade and reign of terror.

Failure to recognize the Fourth Reich masquerading behind the once proud and honorable Republican Party name will soon lead to our country’s inevitable end as is their ultimate goal.


The above article was previously published as a cautionary warning “Letter to the editor”. But, due to the current state of our union it seems imperative that it be reinforced now as an observation of historical facts lest the union be lost by the lack of recognition and the immediately necessary response to our existential threat.

Our nation was founded on the premise “Consent of the governed”. But, as observed by the Fourth Reich’s response to the “governed’s vote” in the last election they have no intent to allow that consent to be voiced in future election voting by denying that constitutional right to as many citizens as they can imagine might object to imposition of their fascist dictatorship. The culmination of actively subverting our country for the last 40 years, of which we were warned by Hollywood in 1960, has been tragically witnessed by all of us and disingenuously denied by the members of the Fourth Reich as was the case with the Third Reich in Hitler’s 1930’s Nazi Germany. They had to wait until the “Greatest Generation” who had sacrificed and died to save the world and preserve freedom were no longer here, because our fathers would have easily recognized their familiar enemy and would have slapped that treason down not tolerating it for a second.

“All in good time. We’ve got to learn patience in this country. The Americans don’t like to be pushed. That’s what the others were never able to understand. That’s why they failed. And, that’s why we’ll succeed’” Fade Out on Nazi Pamphlet titled “America’s Golden Future”. Frederick Marion St. John (Karl Swenson) Stowaways plan to enter the United States on board the Fortuna and once there spread pro-Nazi literature.

Actions have consequences, inaction forfeits your rights and freedoms to the decisions of others. If it is not already too late, do not fail our last chance to save our country and preserve our democracy. VOTE!, like our lives and any future depend on it, BECAUSE THEY DO!

John Kenneth Young
St. Joseph

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