City of Urbana application window open for government rescue plan dollars

URBANA -- Applications for American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds available through the City of Urbana are accepted now through November 16. Urbana has $12.97 million to distribute to help those affected by the Coronavirus pandemic that started in March 2020.

"The city is seeking applications for organizations that will provide services meeting the funding goals. Rather than households or businesses seeking individual assistance, applicants should be organizations who will use the funds to facilitate one of the funding goals," according to the City of Urbana website.

The goals include:

  • Public Health and Safety
  • Improve accessibility of public recreation space and youth programming
    Increase support for community violence interventions

  • Adequate and Affordable Housing
  • Reduce housing costs for those that need it most

  • Human Rights and Social Services
  • Increase availability and affordability of mental health services
    Increase availability and affordability of food

  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Increase job training and placement opportunities
    Provide relief and support for local businesses

  • Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Invest in infrastructure to increase community health, safety, and future resilience

    In the city's distribution plan, individuals or families that need help paying rent or businesses desiring assistance covering their expenses do not qualify for the program. Instead, funding from the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (SLFRF) program, a component of the ARPA passed in March 2021, will be given to organizations with programs that assist with individual housing or provide small business assistance. There is no minimum or maximum funding amount, and the money can be utilized to cover expenses necessary to meet the city's stated goals.

    Participating organizations can use the money for "facility investments, personnel, direct assistance to community members, internal capacity building, and administrative costs."

    To apply for funding go to

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