The Gary Olson family inducted into Hall of Fame

ST. JOSEPH -- St. Joseph-Ogden High School will introduce four new inductees to the St. Joseph-Ogden Hall of Fame during the Spartan football team's Homecoming game against Nokomis. The distinquished group includes 1960 graduate Dee Evans, former three-sport athlete Brandi Carmien Burnett, veteran teacher Kermit Esarey, and The Gary Olson Family

Below is a short biography and highlights about the Gary Olson Family provided by the high school.

The Olsons

Gary and Nancy Olson and their three children, Ory, Isaiah and Bria are all SJO grads.

Gary graduated in 1980. He played basketball and was a member of FFA, serving as President his senior year. Nancy graduated in 1983 and was a cheerleader all four years.

Ory graduated in 2005. He played basketball all four years, football and track each one year. He was also involved in FFA, serving as President his senior year.

Isaiah graduated in 2007. He was a three-sport athlete in football, basketball and baseball. His Senior year he was Captain of basketball and football, which was the 2006 Runner-Up state team.

Bria graduated in 2010. She was a three-sport athlete in volleyball, basketball and track. She was captain of both the volleyball and basketball teams her senior year. She still currently holds the school record in high jump.

Nancy and Ory both graduated from Parkland College. Isaiah and Bria both graduated from the U of I.

Nancy was an SJO Cheer coach for several years and helped start the student cheering section, Maroon Platoon. Gary, Isaiah and Bria all coached basketball at the St. Joseph Grade and Middle Schools for several years. In addition Gary and Isaiah coached freshmen basketball at SJO for a few years. They have previously received the SJO Friend of Education award for their countless hours of volunteer service they have given to SJO. They are always willing to provide equipment and give of their time to help the school.

Gary and Nancy have been married for 37 years. Their children are Ory and his wife Nicki, Isaiah and his wife Kathryn and Bria and her husband Michael. They have nine grandchildren. They all operate the family farm together and reside north of St. Joseph.

Congratulations once again to the Gary Olson family for your induction into the St. Joseph-Ogden High School Hall of Fame.

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