Guest Commentary: A thankful heart is a healthier heart

by Glenn Mollette, Guest Commentator

Thanksgiving always comes and goes too fast. We often think, "We need more time to focus on the Thanksgiving holiday." For many, it seems that Thanksgiving gets sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas. 

By late September, many of the stores and television commercials are focusing on Christmas.

The only way we can fix the “fast Thanksgiving” holiday is to make Thanksgiving celebration every day. We shouldn’t wait until Thanksgiving to give thanks but give thanks every day. 

A thankful heart is a healthier heart. Living in an attitude of Thanksgiving celebrates the gift of life and every opportunity to live life.

Many of us have dreaded the shorter days. Dark by 6 o’clock and soon by 5 or even 4:30 in some areas. I used to always dread that but my attitude has changed. I’m just happy to be alive to experience the changing seasons. Take advantage of these cooler, shorter days to get some rest. Longer days will be back soon and you can mow grass, work or walk until 9:00 or later every evening. Go with the flow and enjoy the differences. 

I miss the Thanksgivings when my mom and dad were alive and mother cooked. If everyone got together, we could have 20 people in the house. This was a tiring time for my mother.  Be sure to always praise the person carrying the cooking load. 

Time passes quickly.  Every day we should embrace the day. When you see someone, talk to someone, share a meal with someone then by all means embrace and savor the moment. Give thanks for all occasions that you have to spend time with others whether family or friends. 

Thanksgiving is not the same for many of us because there are empty seats at the table. We miss moms and dads who have left us for a better place. We miss wives, husbands, children, and siblings who have left this life too early. This makes us sad and dampens our spirits. Yet, look around and see the people who may not be here next year. There are no guarantees. Be kind, be loving. Say good words to them. Lift them up. It will make you feel better to give thanks for people and to anoint them. 

Jesus was anointed by Mary the sister of Martha before his arrest and crucifixion. Some criticized her for doing it but Jesus said she has prepared me for the burial. Let her alone he said she has done a good work. After Mary finished anointing Jesus’ feet the house was filled with the smell of the ointment. When you love and are kind to people it always brings a better fragrance and atmosphere into the house. A part of this is showing Thanksgiving for them and toward them. Mary ended up with that ointment on her hands and in her hair. When you do good stuff for people to honor them a lot of that good stuff comes back to you. 

Have Thanksgiving every day. Give thanks, express thanks and live in a spirit of being thankful. Your attitude will make your day better and encourage others around you. 


Dr. Glenn Mollette is a syndicated American columnist and author of Grandpa's Store, American Issues, and ten other books. He is read in all 50 states. The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily representative of any other group or organization.


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