Unity Jr. High 6th grade Honor Roll

Last month, Unity Junior High School announced the names of sixth-grade students who achieved honor roll and high honor roll status after the first quarter. Congratulations to the students who earned the requisite grade point average to celebrate the honor.

High Honor Roll

Kenny Wayne Adcock
Ethan Earl Bent
Katherine Elaine Berkey
Konnor Lewis Bletscher
Sylvia Lola Cahill
Logan Chounard
Kale Boden Cowan
Trevor Daniel Coy
Alec Joseph Daly
Amelia Marie Good
Hayden Bradley Grussing
Aubrie Paige Gumm
Jordan Elizabeth Hamilton
Kynedy Ashlynn Hoel
Alivia Krall
Adeline Marie Marinelli
Scarlet Rosemary McCann
Lilly Madelyn Meharry
Tatum Faith Meharry
Baeden Edward Millsap-Moore
Jacklynn Kay Alexandra Moore
Kelvin Justus Moose
Holden William ONeill
Carolina Maria Pagaduan Popovics
Luc Sandor Marcelo Popovics
Maxwell Douglas Powers
Marina Ray Price
Maya Alexis Rawdin
Vivian Rosalie Shunk
Dylan Robert Stierwalt
Olivia Jane Styan
Jack Christopher Terven
Hayley Olivia Thompson
Cassandra Pearl Thweatt
Charles Reider Watson
Quentin Stephen Webber
Ashton Jace Wolf

Honor Roll

Kelsey Marie Adcock
Lilly Annabelle Bailes
Grace Bailey
Brooklyn Blair Bates
Ty Craig Benedict
Elizabeth Joanne Berkey
Ella Addyson Bromley
McKenzie Lynn Deakin
Emma Nicole Denney
Evan Matthew Donaldson
Jase Charles Eisenmenger
Levi Amari Flowers
Alice Marie Henigman-Foster
Samuel Bentley Hollett
Owen Dean Hottman
Kaiyanna Renee LeForge
Cora Dee Leonard
Owen Michael Lighty
Jauniyah Rosemarie   Lisanby
Russell Patrick McCabe
Addyson Jo McIntosh
Ellery Merkle
Hayden Andrew Moore
Ava Alyse Murray
Khloe Jo Orrison
Jaxon David Pendleton
Logan Harvey Reimer Couch
Henry Scott Ritchie
Bella Rose Robbins
Skylar Grace Savona
Grace Catherine Schriefer
Sophia Isabella Schuckman
Connor Allen Schwartz-Rouse
Austin David Shafer
Hayden Dale Smith
Tucker Douglas Stierwalt
Virgil Laurence Summitt
Lea Ruth Taber
Jayden Michael Terven
Deklyn James   Thomas
Nicholas James Thomas
Hallee Ann Weber Patterson
Henry Joseph White
Olivia Lynn Wilson
Ethan Matthew Wishall
Adam Scott Wolken

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