New RF technology can make you look years younger in as little as 10 weeks

NewsUSA - With the holiday season upon us, and the return to attending in-person events, everyone wants to look their best. But many people who might consider a skin-tightening treatment shy away from needles, and have concerns about fillers and chemicals. Apex Center for Regenerative Medicine offers an alternative to help you look years younger this coming summer.

Some forms of regenerative medicine involve using the body’s own cells, taking cells from one part of the body and using them to promote healing and rejuvenation where it is needed. This type of regenerative medicine has become a standard option in treating sports injuries, and recent advances have allowed the field to expand to aesthetics, specifically skin tightening and facial rejuvenation.

The EmFace procedure harnesses the body’s own regenerative and healing ability for individuals who want to improve their appearance without surgery. EmFace uses radio frequency to heat up the skin and promote collagen and elastin regrowth. It also uses a patented technology called Hi-Fes which causes a supramaximal contraction of the facial muscles, allowing them to build back.     

EmFace is a non-invasive procedure that promotes smoother, tighter skin without needles, fillers, or toxins. For example, EmFace can be used to create a “lateral brow lift” that raises the eyelids for a more energized appearance. The muscle- contracting technology also can improve the appearance of a sagging jawline by strengthening and toning the facial muscles that have weakened over time.     

EmFace can also be used concurrently with Botox and fillers as part of a facial rejuvenation plan.

“EmFace is complementary to injectables but many people won’t need injectables or need less” says Dr. Daniel Savarino, director of the Apex Center for Regenerative Medicine in Tinton Falls, N.J., which was the first practice in New Jersey to offer the EmFace procedure.

“During your consultation, we will go over the best path forward for you,” he adds. Advantages of EmFace include:

- Short and sweet. Each EmFace treatment takes 20 minutes, so patients can fit in appointments during a lunch break.

- Simple and safe. No pre-treatment preparations are needed, and there is no post-procedure downtime.

- Speedy results. Data show improvements after four EmFace sessions, and optimal results are evident at 10-12 weeks after the final session.

- Safe and Effective. 20-minute treatments provide an average of 40% wrinkle reduction, 25% lift and 30% rebuilding of the facial muscles.

The noninvasive aspect makes EmFace especially appealing for the holiday season, when no one wants the inconvenience of post-procedure downtime. “Our motto is ‘Don’t Operate . . . Regenerate,” says Dr. Savarino.

Locally, a procedure known as FaceTite is available at Rejuvenis Facial Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa in Champaign. Like EmFace, it uses new RF technology to give patients a more youthful appearance.