Editorial | A step in the right direction

The Sentinel editorial today Illinois House Representatives passed legislation banning high-powered weapons and large-capacity magazines last week. It is a step in the right direction. What if it is not enough?

The bill that passed through the House also created a prohibition and criminal penalties for devices that turn semi-automatic weapons into fully-automatic guns. It now heads to the Senate for approval.

The 77-page bill still on the Senate table as of this moment, aims to ban the sale of assault-style weapons and high-capacity magazines with more than 12 rounds in the state.

Also, anyone possessing hi-cap mags would have 90 days to convert, dispose or sell them.

Weapon owners who currently own an assault-style weapon would be grandfathered in and get to keep the guns they already legally own. Owners have 300 days after the proposal takes effect to submit the serial numbers of all weapons covered in the legislation to Illinois' state FOID system.

Of course, there are some who believe gun control doesn't work and that criminals will commit violent crimes regardless of whatever laws are in place. They are correct, in my opinion. Logically speaking, there is no argument against that line of thought.

However, one could reasonably argue with significantly fewer weapons available to the population over time, the probability of hardened criminals obtaining them to do dirty with them would be significantly lower.

If the bill doesn't work, if we can't reduce the number of firearms available to the population, we can lean on the wisdom of former GOP governor challenger Darren Bailey and "move on."

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