Philo recycling reminder

PHILO - With the holiday season coming to an end, the Village of Philo wants to remind residents to please follow recycling rules.

The recycle bins are for use only by Village of Philo and Philo Township residents. They request residents not to bring your recycling from the offices and business from Champaign-Urbana or surrounding communities for recycling.

If the bins are full, do not leave items on the ground around or next to them. This is considered illegal dumping.

To make as much space as possible in the bins, the Village asks that all boxes be broke down or crushed. Tearing apart cardboard boxes helps to create additional space so more residents can use the bins.

Finally, users should make sure the bin doors are closed after all items have been deposited. Again, nothing should be left outside of the bins that includes plastic swimming pools, large pieces of metal, and items too large to fit into the available space in the bin.

Residents must place only approved items in the bins. Acceptable items for recycling includes: newspapers, books, paper & magazines, cardboard boxes, tin cans, aluminum cans, glass bottles & jars, and plastics (PETE, HDPE 1 or 2). Please bag loose items in plastic bags like newspapers or paper products. Cardboard should be broken and folded down as much as possible.

Items not allowed in the bins include: televisions, computers, car batteries, motor oil, and any liquids or paint products.

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