Turn your passion into online profit

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Photo: Jopwell/PEXELS
NewsUSA - Have you ever shopped at someone’s personal online store and thought, “I could do that”? In the wake of the pandemic, more people are reinventing their work lives and choosing to follow their passions. And the ever-expanding world of e-commerce makes it easier than ever to turn your pastime into a profit.     

Launching an online business can seem daunting, especially if you lack a background in technology, computer programming, or website building, but it doesn’t have to be. The right website host and store builder platform can make setting up the online business of your dreams a seamless process.     

Nexcess, a company dedicated to ecommerce entrepreneurship, offers several tips for how to get your ecommerce business off the ground, whether you are selling physical products, digital products, or online services ranging from consulting to yoga classes. Key considerations when launching any ecommerce business include:     

- Sales. The most efficient ecommerce platforms keep it simple with automated sales and performance tools. Nexcess also has a membership website builder that allows you to add subscriber-only content for even more sales.     

- Management. Setting up an online store should be simple. Platforms such as Nexcess StoreBuilder include intuitive features that let you design a beautiful online storefront with no need for coding or a website designer.     

- Mentorship. The best platforms for online businesses have fast speed, strong security, inherent scalability, and, last but not least, competent and responsive tech support for any problems and questions that arise. Nexcess managed hosting provides live chats with a website hosting advisor to help you get started and make a plan for success.     

If you have an existing online store or website that you want to upgrade, Nexcess offers free website migration to or among any of its website hosting platforms, with 24/7 support that kicks in immediately.     

Also, many ecommerce entrepreneurs miss the importance of a business location when establishing online. The business may be in cyberspace, but location still matters for taxes and other administrative purposes.     

Some states are more appealing than others for ecommerce business owners. According to a new ecommerce study, Florida is the number-one state for ecommerce businesses, based on criteria including tax climate, economic outlook, financial resources, and infrastructure.     

Rounding out the top ten states for ecommerce businesses are Utah, North Carolina, Texas, South Dakota, Nevada, Montana, Colorado, Indiana, and Tennessee. The great thing about an ecommerce business is it can launch from any state with a website and a good idea.