96 students earn a spot on St. Joseph-Ogden High School Honor Roll

St. Joseph - St. Joseph-Ogden High School announced the third quarter Honor Roll and High Honor Roll recipients.

St. Joseph-Ogden High School Honor Roll To receive Honor Roll recognition at SJO, students must earn a grade point average of 3.25 or higher on a 4.0 scale. Students whose GPA soared above 3.74 are recognized as High Honor Roll students. Below is the list of this semester's students who achieved Honor Roll status. Follow this link to see the names of students who made High Honor Roll.


Madison Adams
Owen Birt
Ethan Blackburn
Kaylee Brown
Payton Carter
Abigail Dow
Katie Earley
Grace Flessner
Alex Funk
Joseph Gherna
Connor Hale
Jay Hess
Aliya Jones
Hunter Ketchum
Shane Logan
Carter Mabry
Aidan McCorkle
Katherine McDermott
Katelynn Oehmke
William Page
Emma Rydell
Katharine Short
Trinity Tapia
Mallory Wagner
Gracelyn Warns
Rebekah Weinmann
Jackson Wetzel


Kyler Brown
Tyler Buss
Garrett Denhart
Joseph Frasca
Mia Frederick
Alana Frerichs-McCurry
Jayci Hayes
Holden Jones
Tori Kibler
Carson Maroon
Rowan Musselman
Cole Pruitt
Kaydence Reynolds
Madison Stevens
Ethan Vaughan
Brody Weaver
Mitchell Wright


Olivia Allinger
Jared Altenbaumer
Rylie Barton
Dillon Bear
Eli Birt
Macie Blakley
Holden Brazelton
Landen Butts
Lauren Dewese
Lyla Frerichs
Kaiden Gaines
Richi Gomez
Haley Hesterberg
Kendrick Johnson
Sara Kearney
Aiden Krall
Jeffrey Kuchenbrod
Logan Lackey
Lillian Lanter
Logan Patton
Sydney Reitmeier
Haley Rudolph
Tanner Siems
Corbin Smith
Thea Smith
Coy Taylor
Merial Yeager


Caroline Aden
Cade Crozier
Nathan Daly
Caleb Dwyer
Parker Fitch
William Franklin
Charles Hale
Erica Hardimon
Brayden Hollingsworth
Bryanna Hood
Bryson Houchens
Nick Jackson
Jordan Johnson
Malachy Kates
Sami Kelso
Vance McComas
Jackson Mohr
Graham Ray
Lance Retz
Jaxson Reynolds
Logan Rosenthal
Ethan Sanders
Gracyn Sjoken
Jacek Slowikowski
Emma Wells

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