Letter to the Editor | Thanks to the Democrats, the borders remain wide open

Dear Editor,

In his letter to President Biden, Governor Pritzker complained about the “refugees” being bussed to Chicago from Texas and how federal aid hasn’t kept up.

Pritzker rightly points out that the situation is “untenable.”

Immigrants are sleeping in police stations, airports, and temporary shelters, making Chicago bureaucrats scramble to provide food, clothing, and medical care — putting a greater strain on already limited services.

Instead of enforcing border security and upholding the legal process, they are spending gobs of tax dollars for the basic needs for tens of thousands of new arrivals.

While Democrats continue to parrot the “we are a Welcoming City” mantra, taxpayers are expected to pay the price for billionaire Pritzker’s generosity to those future voters who are intentionally skirting the U.S. immigration process.

USA Today reports about 2.2 million without a health exam or criminal background check have crossed the border so far this year. Those numbers have risen to about 8,000 per day. And it’s expected to get worse.

Thanks to Democrat policies, the borders remain wide open. Yet they want us to believe that big government and more tax dollars are the solution. Don’t believe them! They are failing the American people on so many levels, including upholding their oaths of office.

David E. Smith, Executive Director
Illinois Family Action

Mokena, IL

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