5 area wrestlers win a title at the Unity Invitational

St. Joseph-Ogden's 106-pound wrestler Emmitt Holt after win over Oakwood's Steven Uden earlier this month. Holt, one of two seniors on this year's squad, won the Unity Invitational title on Saturday for his weight class.

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TOLONO - Eleven area wrestlers finished in the top three in their weight class at the Unity Wrestling Invitational on Saturday. The Rockets turned in a solid performance, with seven wrestlers finishing at or near the top of the podium. Meanwhile, St. Joseph-Ogden had four wrestlers who placed third or better.

Unity's title winners were Hunter Eastin at 190-pounds, Thayden Root at 175-pounds, and Abram Davidson at 157-pounds. Hudson DeHart (215 lbs), Kaden Inman (144), and Hunter Shike (132), earned silver medals for their efforts. Ryan Rink finished the day with a bronze medal in the 165-lb weight class.

Lightweights Emmitt Holt (106-pounds) and Holden Brazelton (132) won titles for the Spartans. Quincy Jones (215) and Coy Hayes battled to a third-place finish.

Unity Invitational Results
106 -
1st Place - Emmitt Holt, SJO
2nd Place - Charlie Flores, Hoopeston
3rd Place - Zane Stanley, Benton
4th Place - Braxton Tittle, Benton
5th Place - Pierce Bultmann, Rochester
6th Place - Noah Whiteside, Olympia

113 -
1st Place - Dylan Eimier, Olympia
2nd Place - Connor Carroll, Rochester
3rd Place - Cohen Sweely, Benton
4th Place - Travis McCarter, Unity
5th Place - Jackson Walsh, SJO
6th Place - Briggs Miller, Benton

120 -
1st Place - Austin Kisner, Olympia
2nd Place - Noah Pelletier, McNamara
3rd Place - Miles Carroll, Rochester
4th Place - Camden Getty, SJO
5th Place - Wyatt Strait, Prairie Central
6th Place - Brawnsen Bloodworth, Carterville

126 -
1st Place - Garrett VerHeecke, Unity Christian
2nd Place - Chase Stedman, Tremont
3rd Place - Mateo Martinez, Olympia
4th Place - Jack Zucco, Rochester
5th Place - Talan Nelson, Hoopeston
6th Place - Kaden Blades, Benton

132 -
1st Place - Holden Brazelton, SJO
2nd Place - Hunter Shike, Unity
3rd Place - Aiden Bell, Hoopeston
4th Place - John Traub, Prairie Central
5th Place - Matthew Flowers, Tremont
6th Place - Jake Kuhn, Charleston

138 -
1st Place - Mason Mark, Tremont
2nd Place - Anthony Hernandez, Benton
3rd Place - Cooper Phillips, Olympia
4th Place - Malachi Hutchinson, Urbana
5th Place - Taylor Finley, Unity
6th Place - Austin Winters, Unity

144 -
1st Place - Mason Tieffel, Benton
2nd Place - Kaden Inman, Unity
3rd Place - Micah Spinazzola, Peotone
4th Place - Drake Pfeiffer, Rochester
5th Place - Emiliano Bedello, Urbana
6th Place - Spencer Crotser, Carterville

150 -
1st Place - Bentley Wise, Olympia
2nd Place - Conor Pasch, Peotone
3rd Place - Ethan Fordham, Rochester
4th Place - Derek Wilkey, Benton
5th Place - Ethan Ziller, Prairie Central
6th Place - Caleb Berg, Unity Christian

157 -
1st Place - Abram Davidson, Unity
2nd Place - Ayden Larkin, Hoopeston
3rd Place - Coy Hayes, SJO
4th Place - Josh Heath, Unity
5th Place - Kelton Graden, Olympia
6th Place - Santino Izzi, Peotone

165 -
1st Place - Bowden Delaney, Tremont
2nd Place - Angel Zamora, Hoopeston
3rd Place - Ryan Rink, Unity
4th Place - Tiffin Kouzoukas, Benton
5th Place - Jacob Grob, Carterville
6th Place - Edwin Villagomez, Urbana

175 -
1st Place - Thayden Root, Unity
2nd Place - Cole Bauer, Olympia
3rd Place - Laith Abunijmeh, Peotone
4th Place - Peyton Robinson, Benton
5th Place - Jack Rathbun, Prairie Central
6th Place - Ian Eatock, Tremont

190 -
1st Place - Hunter Eastin, Unity
2nd Place - Darian Holloway, Olympia
3rd Place - Blaine Williams, Tremont
4th Place - Conner Broughton, Rochester
5th Place - Marcellx Boling, Charleston
6th Place - Dominic Mendez, Urbana

215 -
1st Place - Jared Lauwerens, Rochester
2nd Place - Hudson DeHart, Unity
3rd Place - Quincy Jones, SJO
4th Place - Jacob Balsimo, Tremont
5th Place - Nathan Galant, Benton
6th Place - Elias Rodriguez, Charleston

285 -
1st Place - Zechariah Miller, Carterville
2nd Place - Drake Spears, Benton
3rd Place - Stormy Hughes, Charleston
4th Place - Tucker Deck, Hoopeston
5th Place - Brayden Riblet, Olympia
6th Place - Yeshua O`Brien, Charleston

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