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Heating things up; five tips to buying the right stove for your kitchen

StatePoint Media - Choosing the right slide-in range, (AKA “stove”) is essential for any home chef, and yours should not only cater to your cooking needs, but also complement your kitchen design. With the holiday season quickly approaching, now might be a good time to buy for delivery and installation after the new year.

“Navigating the many slide-in range options available today can feel daunting. That’s why it’s important to identify your must-have features before making a purchase,” says Peter Weedfald, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Sharp Home Electronics Company of America.

Not sure where to start? This range-purchasing guide offers five important factors to consider:

1. Size. A standard 30-inch slide-in range is a great option for most homes. If you’re looking for more cooking surface however, scale up to a 36-inch model. There are also 24-inch options for compact kitchens. Before making any purchase, measure the space to ensure the unit will fit, and that you can open the door.

2. Cooktop Surface and Fuel Source. There are three main cooktop surfaces to choose from: gas, radiant (electric) and induction. This decision can be influenced by the power source supply in your kitchen. If you have a gas line, you could choose any of the three, as long as there is also electric connectivity. If you don’t, consider a radiant or induction slide-in range. If you love the power from the open flame of a gas cooktop but desire the cooking capabilities of electric ovens, you can narrow your search to dual ovens. Helpful Hint: The cooking power measurement will indicate whether you’re dealing with gas or electricity. Gas ranges use BTUs (British Thermal Units) and electric ranges measure power output in watts.

3. Capacity. The interior capacity is the space within the range’s cavity. This is the oven. Knowing your cooking habits can help guide you in the right direction. While a standard slide-in range often offers enough capacity for an average-sized family, if you’re prone to entertaining crowds, a larger capacity like 6.1 or 6.3 cubic feet may better suit you. If you find yourself often preparing food at two different temperatures and cooking times, a dual oven may be your best bet.

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4. Finish. Whether you’re curating your kitchen piece by piece or all at once, choose an exterior finish that fits your vision. Check out the oven’s interior cavity as well. You can make a statement with an unexpected pop of color here! The Sharp 30-inch Electric Convection Slide-in Range with Air Fry (SSR3065JS) offers a sleek edge-to-edge black glass exterior paired with a cobalt blue interior. If you prefer a more neutral, toned-down feel, keep it classic with a black or gray cavity.

5. Oven Features. When prioritizing features, consider your cooking habits and needs. If counter space is a priority, the Sharp SSG3065JS is a family-size air fryer, so that is one less thing to take up your precious space.

The Sharp SSG3065JS has 34,500 BTUs of cooking power and a variety of cooking modes, including Pizza, Convection Bake/Roast, and Air Fry. The Sharp Slide-In Ranges SSG3065JS and SSR3065JS can help take the guesswork out of cooking meat. Both ranges have built-in precision probe thermometers that automatically turn off the oven when the internal food temperature reaches the programmed setting.

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“When curating your dream kitchen, the ultimate goal is finding a range that looks great in your space and can help you bring your culinary creations to life,” recommends Weedfald.