Area students named to Parkland College Fall 2023 Dean's List

PC Green CHAMPAIGN - In order to make the Parkland College Dean's list, students need to achieve a minimum grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.0-grade scale for the semester they are being honored. If a student class load is less than 12 hours in that semester, they can still make the Dean's list if they achieve a 3.5 cumulative GPA for 12 or more hours in the academic year. Here is the list of area students who achieved academic success last fall.

Warren D. Durbin

Christopher J. Mann

Canyon D. Alwes
Abigail M. Behrens
Hannah B. Fox

Claire D. Markstahler

Kristina A. Bletscher
Preston D. Bollman
Devin A.. Brocksmith
Nolan C. Decker
Marlena R. Finical
Evan J. Lefaivre
Hunter L. Olson
Amy N. Ray
Stella Ritchie
Holliston E. Thomas
Natalie A. Weller

Christian J. Schluter

Kaylee A. Largent
Noah J. Schroeder
Victoria L. Wells

St. Joseph
McGwire N. Atwood
Susan D. Baldner
Mason P. Behrens
Myles B. Blakley
Taylor E. Burch
Kennedi M. Burnett
Alyson P. Davis
Abigail G. Dow Sr.
Benjamin C. Dowers
Shanice S. Edwards
Grace A. Flessner
Dakota N. Franzen
Samantha R. Gonzales
Jacey M. Lewis
Elijah E. Mock
Kambry R. Orcutt
Christian F. Perez
Rebecca A. Steinbach
Alaina G. Tanner
Lauren K. Trankina
Jill C. Uken
Raegan E. Young

Mary G. Bryant
Samuel C. Gilbert
Jodeann M. Hamilton

Eric W. Anderson
Calli A. Chandler
Delaney M. Kamradt
Arthur D. King Iii Iii
Jolie K. Meyer
Maddie J. Reed
Sara J. Steffens
Raena A. Stierwalt
Luke I. Williamson


Rachel N. Aders
Dilichukwu C. Agu
Luciana Alvarez
Kiana Amindavar
William D. Arana
Sabina Arthur
Audrey N. Babcock
Corben J. Babcock
David M. Baker
Ciel E. Baptiste
Angel R. Bond
Ebenezer . Boti
Audrey J. Boudreau
Chloe K. Brock
Evan J. Bullock
Chloe D. Byrd
Monica M. Carr
Ariana R. Chambers
Jason Chen
Ryan R. Cipkar
Breanna F. Davis
Tyler A. Devon
Phillip T. Durst
Meghan B. Edwards
Isaac R. Ellis
Jordan W. Ennis
Sammie L. Fair
Jordan E. Fritch
Morgan A. Frush
Veronica P. Gabel
Gildardo Garcia
Haley K. Gibbs
Santiago Gonzalez Ahuerma
Nicole K. Gremer
Jesus Guzman-Garcia
Mason Hanks
Mallie A. Hanner
Kelsey F. Hayes
Alejandro J. Hernandez
Matthew R. Horner
Amari C. Johnson
David N. Kabeya
Brandi L. Katrein

Willow I. Keys
Lisa Kirwan
Minghao Lan
Jeffrey W. Lee
Carson G. Lewis
Bienvenue M. Lugano
Lea Antonia Mahringer
Michael L. Miller
Manuel Miori
Rebecca S. Murdoch
Ron Itzhak R. Naftali
Ashlynd F. Norvask
Katrina C. Oliva
Oscar I. Orozco
Min Young Park
Michael L. Parrish
Ben A. Pond
Hunter L. Pudlo
Matteo L. Puli
Lula C. Randolph
Paulina M. Reynoso-Ixcoy
Nibaw O. Robertson
Leire Rodriguez Najera
Carmen J. Sanchez
Collin S. Schiff
Samantha T. Schulte
Stuuti Sharma Poudyal
Abbie N. Skaggs
Adam B. Skousen
Clifton E. Smith
Jordan C. Smith
Patrick R. Sweeney
Sumaya Islam Tonney
Nathan M. Torres
Chioma P. Ugwu
Evan T. Unzicker
Dominick J. Vieira
Thao T. T. Vo
Cora R. Welch
Maurion Wicks
Lera L. Wilson
Yuxuan Wu
Qilin Xie


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