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Brush pick-up still on hold

There won't be a brush pick-up this month in St. Joseph.

Last month the Village suspended collection, a service that the community has enjoyed for more than a quarter of a century according to Public Works superintendent Mike Peters.

"The committee is getting some new policies in place," he said. "I can't tell you much more than that or when we will have something in place."

The problem for Public Works is they can only burn the collected debris when certain conditions are met. Due to the proximity of the piles, burns have to take place when the wind is blowing out of the east to carry the smoke westward away from the village. Complicating the issue is the abundant amount of rainfall this year that has kept the brush too moist to burn. Peters said wet wood smokes too much when burned.

So far, perfect burn days have been few.

In the interim there are several local companies that can provide convenient removal and pick-up services.

Residents can use their smartphone or tablets to photograph their pile of brush or lawn waste and send it to Cheap Charlie Hauling for a free estimate.

"We do offer yard waste pick up," said owner Thomas Stumborg, who says Cheap Charlie accepts cash or checks. "We take it to the Landscape Recycling Center in Urbana. A full pickup with side boards is about seven yards. We would charge about $100 to $150 for a load this size."

He added that a load that would fill a trailer could run (around) $300 for those have a lot of limbs and brush to get off their property.

Another local company that provides brush removal is Under Cutters Lawn Care.

Now in his second season, owner Thomas Dickey employs local high school student and carefully trains each one to give them a valuable skill set for the future.

"I have lived in St Joe for 20 years and care about the appearance of our community," Dickey said. "I had a mentor who had a very successful lawn care business."

Under Cutters accepts cash, check and Vemno.

"My pricing has been determined by going rates charged by other companies in the area," Dickey said.

For quotes and estimates, text or call Under Cutters Lawn Care at 419-2580. Cheap Charlie Hauling can be reached at 417-5601. Both businesses are in the 217 area code.

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