SJO hosts Christie Clinic Shootout on Saturday

St. Joseph-Ogden High School will host 13 varsity and junior varsity basketball teams on Saturday for this year's Christie Clinic Shootout.

The all-day basketball bonanza at the high school tips off at 11am with Crete-Monee squaring off against Mahomet-Seymour and concludes with the final contest between Farmington and host St. Joseph-Ogden at 8pm.

Varsity games will be played in the main gym while the JV installments will take place in the school's practice gym across the hall.

Admission fee for spectators is just $5 for the entire day. For fans who want to follow other games and teams at this year's event, all seven games will be broadcasted on the air live via WPXN 104.9 FM.

Here are the teams and approximate varsity start times:

11:00 AM: Crete-Monee vs. Mahomet-Seymour
12:30 PM: Kankakee vs. Danville
  2:00 PM: Rich Central vs. Champaign Central
  3:30 PM: Cissna Park vs. Monticello
  5:00 PM: Pleasant Plains vs. Notre Dame La Salette
  6:30 PM: Maine South vs. Normal Community
  8:00 PM: Farmington vs. St. Joseph-Ogden

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