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Illinois state parks closed indefinitely due to Coronavirus

So much for going out for a walk in the woods during the next three to eight weeks to relieve cabin fever induced by a possible eight more weeks of self-isolation or self-quarantine.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources posted an announcement on their Facebook page that all park properties are closed to the public due over the concerns of the Coronavirus. No projected or suggested reopening date was included in the post.

That means no leisurely pursuits such as nature walks, photographing wildlife and spring flowers or enjoying the God-given beauty that the Illinois landscape has to offer.

"All scheduled events on state property are effectively cancelled; patrons are encouraged to call IDNR’s Parks administrative line Monday through Friday at 217-782-6752 with questions," says the post.

The 526 comments were critical of the move, especially when medical professionals say getting outdoors and exercise is important to maintaining a healthy immune system. Many question the logic by the IDNR.

Anthony Majszak wrote: "Close the buildings and events, fine, but why not allow people to walk in the outdoors?"

Another poster was equally flabbergasted.

"So you tell me, in plain English, what this accomplishes? I understand closing down shared facilities, Starved Rock as an example - You would close down the lodge, the hotel, the restaurant and other public access shared facilities. But you don't close down the open air," wrote Rick Munday. "This sends the complete wrong message to the general public!"

One poster offered what seems to be reasonable justification for the closures across the state. "my best guess, these places are already short of staff, present staff is canceled, and people in the general public can’t be trusted...," wrote Laura Jean Cannata.