Spartan Spotlight with Carson Mills

If she had super power, Carson Mills would want it to be the ability to read minds. One of three sisters all born on the same day and graduating together this May, Mills plans to pursue a degree in graphic design after high school.

The Sentinel couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask six questions to learn more about her and what it's like being a triplet.

Sentinel: Out of all of the theater productions you were a part of in high school, which was your favorite and why? Were an actress or part of the crew? What was your main responsibility?

Mills: My favorite theater production was the Lottery my freshman year; I played a dead woman as an extra.

Sentinel: You are going to the University of Cincinnati this fall. What do you see yourself doing with a degree in Graphic Design in ten years?

Mills: With a degree in Graphic Design, in ten years I see myself designing product advertisements or logos for a large company such as Coke or Disney.

Carson Mills

Clubs & Activities
Softball (2 years), Drama Club, Art Club, Spanish Club, SADA Maroon Platoon

She and her two sisters, Ava and Bailey, are triplets

Drawing and hanging out with friends

Favorite SJO memories:
She will remember going to all of the football games during her senior year, and she had a blast cheering on all of the seniors. She has also really enjoyed all four years of Homecoming at SJO.

Favorite classes:
All of her art classes, Spanish with Senor Zak Sutton, and science with Mrs. Jeanna Kerner.

Favorite teachers:
Mrs. Max and Mrs. Anderson at Prairieview-Ogden and Senor Sutton and Mr. Kiel Duval at St. Joseph-Ogden High School.

University of Cincinnati, majoring in Graphic Design

Advice to future SJO students:
Get involved as early as you can in high school and to go to the games.

Sentinel: Who are three people you would invite to dinner at fabulous restaurant and why?

Mills: Three people I would invite to a fabulous dinner are Timothee Chalamet, Tom Holland, and Dylan O'brien because they are my celebrity crushes.

Sentinel: Oh, about homecoming at SJO, what did you enjoy the most about going?

Mills: What I enjoyed most about homecoming at SJO was dressing up and taking photos with my friends before the dance.

Sentinel: I asked your sisters this, so I will ask you, too: What is the best thing about being a triplet? And of course, the worse?

Mills: The best thing about being a triplet is going through life together and although we each have our own unique experiences, it's comforting to know there are two other people growing with me! Though there are a lot of good times together, the worst part about being a triplet is when my siblings take my clothes.

Sentinel: If you were a superhero, what would be you main super power? Who from SJO would be your sidekicks and why?

Mills: My main super power would be to read minds. My best friends Anna Wentzloff and Katie Cramer would be my sidekicks because I know they will alway have my back!

Profile information & photos provided by St. Joseph-Ogden High School.

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