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From the Editor:
The magnificiently talented Carson Mills

By Clark Brooks, Editor & Publisher

Yesterday, I missed something when I wrote The Sentinel's Spartan Spotlight on Carson Mills.

A member of Art Club at St. Joseph-Ogden High School and future graphic designer, I had asked Carson to send me a couple of samples of her work to include in her senior highlight. I totally missed the attachments at the bottom of her reply to me. If the illustrations she sent were a worm, they would have infected my entire computer network.

I opened the first image and involuntarily gasped, "OMG!" I was, undeniably, in awe. Still thoroughly, and I mean sincerely impressed, the second sample she sent ilicited an identical response.

After spending a good twenty minutes soaking in the attention to detail, use of colors, and the subtle shading and blending colors, I berated myself - and even as I pen this an hour later - for not being able to use pieces she sent for me to share in her Spartan Spotlight.

On my bucket list of vanity businesses to own, an art gallery is near the top flanked by an internet coffee shop and language school. If I had a gallery or restaurant or little coffee place in Ogden or St. Joseph, I would proudly sponsor mini-openings to showcase the work of incredibly talented young artists like Mills' and other high school artists in the community.

In her interview Mills said, "In ten years I see myself designing product advertisements or logos for a large company such as Coke or Disney."

With her artistic ability logos are just the tip of the iceberg of the what her talent and skills will create in years to come.

Pencil drawings by Carson Mills • Senior • Class of 2020

Are you a local artist? Know someone who is and we should feature? The Sentinel would love to hear from you. Email us at editor@oursentinel.com.

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