A lib hoax or a serious public health issue, tell us your COVID experience

According to Champaign-Urbana Public Health statistics, 253 residents in our readership received confirmation they tested positive for COVID-19. As of today, out of the 382 reported active cases in the county, 31 cases or 8.1%, are neighbors in our area.

Do you have a personal experience with the Coronavirus you'd like to share?  How is your family handling life during a pandemic? 

Most people suffer the infection anywhere from just five days to a couple of weeks, but there is segment of the population whose symptoms simply will not go away.  Are you a long-hauler?  

Historically, viral pandemic outbreaks worsen during cold, winter months.  However, there are many who vehemently believe the Coronavirus is a hoax dreamed up and put into play by the liberal left to stymie President Donald Trump's reelection bid. Do you believe the outbreak will magically disappear on November 4?

The Sentinel would like to share your view, your story, your experience with our readers. Please email your story, tips or commentary to editor@oursentinel.com.

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