The only way to overcome racial injustice is to stand together

By Glenn Mollette, Guest Commentator

I haven't watched much professional sports over the last few months. Last Thursday, I did tune into the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns football game. My attention grew when I saw both teams on the field, arm in arm standing together for the national anthem.

I didn't see three or four kneeling or one team in the locker room and another team on the field. I didn't see anyone standing on their heads or someone else doing flip flops or something else. Both teams were standing, arm in arm in attention for the national anthem. I watched the entire game. The Bengals and Browns played one of the best games I've watched in some time. The game was fun to watch.

What they did was so simple yet so profound.

They stood arm in arm for the national anthem. On the state flag of Missouri, we find these words, "United We Stand, Divided We Fall." This is also the state motto for Kentucky. Of course, words are only words if they are not backed by action.

The only way to deal with and overcome racial injustice in America is for all of us to stand together.

We must all stand against inequality. There is no room for bad police in America. We must all stand against all police acts that are unfair and eliminate all police who are not mentally stable to wear a badge. We must fund and support those who do wear the badge and put their lives at risk to protect us. We need a strong and good police force in every American community.

If we will stand together in America, we can protect our nation from being over taken by evil forces. We can strengthen our infrastructure. We can keep our military strong. We can keep Social Security and Medicare solvent for our aging population. We can make healthcare accessible for every American regardless of income or preexisting conditions. If we stand together, we will find a vaccine for Covid-19. We can bring our strong economy back and America will continue to be a great country.

What could happen in America if Congress would all stand together in unison for something?

Regardless of the issue or the vote the other political party is demonized for their stance on almost every issue. What could happen if Congress would stand with our President and try to help him tackle our difficult national problems? Regardless of what he wants to do the Democrats fight him and undermine him. Regardless of what the Democrat's want to do the Republicans fight them. This isn't working for our country.

What could happen if far left winged media in this country would stand with our President and try to help him? Instead, they fight him on his every move and every word.

A nation is no greater than her people.

America is filled with great people but we aren't a great country when we are fighting each other. The sure way to lose our country is to devour each other. If we devour each other, China, Russia, or whoever will take whatever is left.

Then, they will be telling us when to stand, sit or kneel. We can keep our freedom if we stand together now.


Dr. Glenn Mollette is a syndicated American columnist and author of American Issues, Every American Has An Opinion and ten other books. He is read in all 50 states. The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily representative of any other group or organization.


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