Canine fashion, "Trucker Hats" made for dogs may help protect their eyes

NewsUSA -- Some clothes for pets are strictly stylish, some are purely functional, and some are both. The idea of a trucker hat for a dog may seem strange, but in fact many dogs, especially those with blue and light-colored eyes, suffer from sun sensitivity that makes them squint and become anxious in bright conditions.

Tony Choi, an engineer in San Diego, Calif., and his veterinarian wife, Dr. Kathy Burnell, launched the initial PupLid trucker hat for dogs in 2018 to help make dogs comfortable after they found it significantly reduced anxiety in their own sun-sensitive dog, Buddy. They experimented with other dog hats and designs for months, but determined that a modified trucker hat design stayed in place and provided the best protection for Buddy.

The Six-Panel Camo baseball cap for dogs is the latest addition to the PupLid product line for dogs who prefer a more adventure-ready look. Like the trucker hats, the baseball caps will feature a patent pending "Furfect Fit" system for maximum comfort, stability, and adjustability. Dogs with shorter noses have the additional benefit of protection from sunburn and sun induced skin cancers on the nose.

Even dogs who might resist a hat will warm up to it with the right approach, according to Burnell and the PupLid website. Start by letting your dog sniff the PupLid and get used to seeing it. Then, put the hat on the dog's head for a few minutes at time, and use treats and rewards as the dog keeps it on for longer periods.

"When hat wearing is paired with a favorite walk or trip to the park, many dogs start getting excited to see their hat because they know they are about to go on an adventure," says Burnell.

The hats are engineered to stay put with a five point system -- two-points of contact on each side and one under the chin. The hook and loop fastener under the chin allows for a customized fit, and slider loops on the sides allow for further adjustment. PupLid hats are currently available in five sizes, XXS, XS, S, M, and L, but the company will launch a sixth size later this fall to further refine the fit for more dogs. More sizing information is available on the company website.

The company also strives to enhance the style factor to dog hats -- the hats are a seamless extension of baseball caps and trucker hats for people, available in five colors and over ten designs. More custom design options are available from PupLid's growing network of wholesale partners, and dog families can even order their own matching "trucker hats for humans" for the ultimate in coordination.

PupLid is a supplier to retailers as well as organizations seeking a completely unique option to add to their promotional products. Orders of 25 or more can feature a company logo or other design, and preorder options are available to reserve large supplies.

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