Seniors earn Honor Roll recognition at SJO

St. Joseph-Ogden High School Honor Roll St. Joseph -- At the end of October, St. Joseph-Ogden High School announced the first quarter Honor Roll and High Honor Roll recipients. Eighty-four members of the St. Joseph-Ogden Class of 2023 earned first-quarter Honor Roll recognition.

To receive honor roll recognition at SJO, students must earn a grade point average of 3.25 or higher on a 4.0 scale. Students whose GPA soared above 3.74 are recognized as High Honor Roll students.

In all, 342 students from the freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior classes earned Honor Roll recognition.

High Honor Roll

Alyssa Acton
McGwire Atwood
Kaytlyn Baker
Olivia Baltzell
Cara Blanchard
Taylor Burch
Tyler Burch
Maddux Carter
Ariana Chambers
Madelynn Cook
Morgan Cramer
Aiden Cromwell
Zachary Dahman
Aleah Dial
Emily Elsbernd
Leah Finley
Joselyn Frerichs
Brent Golladay
Kennedy Greer
Kylie Greer
Andrew Guelfi
Mikyla Haley
Hayden Henkelman
Maya Hewkin
Taylor Hug
Shayne Immke
Emily Jeffries
Aliya Jones
Peyton Jones
Cameran Kelley
Jacob Kern
Aaron Lane
Katherine McDermott
Teagan Miller
Courtney Myren
Ava Northen
Allegra Pearman
Ty Pence
Jack Robertson
Emma Rydell
Kirsten Schaefer
Johanna Schmitz
Jack Setterdahl
Isabel Sexton
Paige Siegmund
Payton Vander Logt
Taylor Voorhees
Alayna Wagle
Emma Ward
Maggie Ward
Jackson Wetzel

Honor Roll

Owen Birt
Ethan Blackburn
Payton Carter
Yamilka Casanova
Bryce Collins
Katie Earley
Grace Flessner
Jessica Gadbury
Joe Gherna
Jackson Greer
Connor Hale
Bryson Helfrich
Mary Hinrichs
Jonas Hutcherson
Jade Kelley
Hunter Ketchum
Austin Kofoot
Skyler Langley
Shane Logan
Haleigh Maddock
Aidan McCorkle
Kyle Meccoli
Blake Morgan
Jacob Newman
Madeline Osterbur
Katharine Short
Garrett Siems
Trinity Tapia
Olivia Terven
Mallory Wagner
Gracelyn Warns
AJ Wells
Payton Wendell

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